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MyPhone Official Statement with regards to A919 Duo Price

The price of P7990 will be the selling price of the newly launched A919 Duo from Nov. 23 to Dec. 31, 2012. The reason for this is because MyPhone wants its customers to enjoy the best possible price for the Christmas Season. The previous price of 7,999 was adjusted to 7,990 just so that MyPhone can have a uniform price format for its Android Phones. MyPhone is considering raising the price of the model to 9,499 after Dec. 30, customers are urged to buy the model during the holidays to enjoy the special price.

Release Price - Php7,999 | Promo Price - Php7,990 | SAVE P9

Source: MyPhone (Facebook)

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  1. still too expensive if you ask me! astra's downer is just the 1500mAh battery,but you can buy an extra battery! and the screen resolution of this phone is just same with astra's!and you can save 1000! so for me, astra all the way!

  2. FYI 4.3 inch lang po ung astra.


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