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Online Learning Platform Kalibrr Announces Beta Launch

Kalibrr, an online learning platform designed to help users qualify for and land jobs for free, is happy to announce its beta launch. Initially launched in Alpha phase in April 2012, the website started out as a training platform for helping users develop the skills necessary to qualify for a job in the Philippines' business process outsourcing (BPO) industry. More details after the jump.

With Beta, Kalibrr aims to put its own spin on online learning. Kalibrr COO Dexter Ligot-Gordon says, "The new Beta is Kalibrr's statement on what online training should look like – simple, attractive, and results in getting a job."

Kalibrr is starting with the Philippines' BPO industry. One of the fastest-growing in the country, this industry is projected by the Business Processing Association of the Philippines to employ 1.3 million people and generate $25 billion by 2016.

Kalibrr has partnered with BPO companies to create assessment tools and curricula based on their specific needs. After users graduate from the online program, Kalibrr arranges a job interview for them with one of its partner companies.

To get started, jobseekers create an account on www.kalibrr.com and choose the path they want to take. Those who want to find a job immediately can take the assessment and then skip ahead to the final exam. Those who want to train and build their confidence first can take the lessons before the final exam. Regardless of the path users choose, the end goal is the same – to get a BPO job.

Apart from the new process, Kalibrr Beta also features a new look, more robust assessments, and more comprehensive and engaging lessons. Through these enhancements, Kalibrr aims to improve the overall user experience. All of the lessons are on HTML 5, allowing users to access them on mobile devices.

While it's currently focused on the call center industry, Kalibrr plans to expand its scope to other occupations and industries, as well as other locations in the Philippines and abroad. Kalibrr recently received a one hundred thousand dollar (over four million pesos) investment from Kickstart Ventures, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Globe Telecom, which will help it to improve its services and reach more people.

Visit www.kalibrr.com or www.facebook.com/kalibrr to learn more about Kalibrr.

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