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The importance of staying fashionably connected with the latest Nokia Asha Touch range of phones

Fashionista Patricia Prieto stays connected with Nokia Asha Touch.

For the average social networking enthusiast, staying connected is an all-important thing. But can you imagine how so much more important and urgent it is to stay connected for people whose career and daily lives depend on it? Take the case of Patricia Prieto, model and owner of personal style blog titled Paradigma, which has entries that touch on a variety of topics such as travel, music and art. But since she’s a model and a student at the School of Fashion and the Arts, it is mainly composed of posts that reflect the latest fashion trends as well as her personal style. It was her unique and edgy fashion sense that caught the interest of many fashionistas. In fact, in the few years that it has been live, Paradigma has already garnered over 1.5 million hits and 854 followers. More details after the jump.

According to Prieto, nothing brings her more satisfaction than being able to share her thoughts and experiences to her readers. “I actually started blogging as an experiment, but I’ve grown to like it because it is a place where I am free to talk about my ideas and express myself. Not everybody is given this chance so through my blog, I would also like to inspire others to do the same,” she said.

Because she believes her blog is an important means of communication and venue for expression, Prieto always sees the need to stay connected. Whenever she’s online, the first thing she does is to check on her blog, makes sure nothing is wrong with it, then she reads and replies to comments. She also browses her favorite fashion sites to look for new outfits or trends that she can use in her own blog. Prieto also sees to it that her blog is updated and has something new to offer to her followers, including her over 7,000 fans in Facebook and up to 14,000 followers in Twitter.

But since Prieto is busy with her studies and shoots, she needs a device that is lighter and is easy to carry around. And she found these characteristics in the new Nokia Asha 311.

The top-of-the-line device among the latest Nokia Asha Touch range of smartphones, Nokia Asha 311 is the perfect gadget for young, urban and social consumers. It is WiFi-ready and 3G-capable which allows users to stay connected even while they’re on the go.  An app called Counters help to monitor your phone usage, and to manage costs by letting you define your own usage limits for calls, messages and data.

“I love my Nokia Asha Touch phone because it’s very handy, not to mention very affordable. My favorite feature would be the Nokia Browser which makes it easy for me the surf the Internet,” said Prieto.

The Nokia Browser, which is also available in the two other Nokia Asha Touch phones – Nokia Asha 305 and 306, is an improved feature which allows users to enjoy a faster and cheaper mobile Internet experience.

Prieto also says that as long as her Nokia Asha Touch phone is around, she doesn’t have to worry about getting bored. It provides her with several ways of entertainment as it allows her to download 40 free EA games including Tetris and Bejeweled. It also has access to thousands of other apps which she can explore.

Aside from having excellent features, Nokia Asha Touch phones have a modern design that appeals to the eyes of a young, fashionable user like Prieto.

“The phones are very sleek and the colors are very eye-catching, making them a great addition to any outfit,” she said. Her Nokia Asha 311, for instance, comes in four different colors: Rose Red, Dark Grey, Sand White and Blue.

Prieto recommends that people her age use Nokia Asha Touch phones because these devices let you stay connected. What’s more, these gadgets have the things they look for in a smartphone: they are stylish, fun and entertaining to use and have fast access to the Internet.  Most importantly Nokia Asha Touch phones are very affordable.

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