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2013 is the year of HD Mobile Multimedia says Smart

With the breadth of multi-tasking mobile devices and new high speed data services now being offered in the Philippines, wireless leader Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) believes that 2013 will be the year High Definition (HD) content becomes prevalent among Filipino mobile users.

“Though devices which are capable of generating HD content have been available for years, being able to share HD pictures, music, and videos online has been a challenge,” said Smart Consumer Wireless Division Head Emmanuel Lorenzana.

“Led by Smart’s super-charged mobile network which makes available  the fastest Internet access technologies such as LTE and HSPA+, Filipinos are now able to disseminate and propagate rich media content like never before,” Lorenzana said.

HD content is defined as music, photos, or videos which meet or exceed a certain size or quality parameter. HD music, for example, must have a sampling rate of 192KHz or higher, while HD photos and videos must have a resolution of 2 million pixels or greater.

 “Normally, devices scale down the quality to make it easier to upload content,” said Lorenzana. “This, however, is a compromise and ultimately defeats the purpose of creating HD content in the first place,” Lorenzana said.

In addition to the network and the devices, Lorenzana explains that software also plays a key role in the era of HD mobile multimedia.

“Apps from popular mobile operating systems such as Android, Windows, and iOS are making content generation and sharing much easier--just a few years back only a handful of apps will allow you to upload HD photos and videos. Today, it’s the norm,” he said.

LTE (long term evolution) and HSPA+ (High speed Packet Access Plus) are fourth generation (4G) wireless broadband connections which are capable of delivering download speeds of over 100Mbps and 84Mbps respectively.

Smart is the first telco to introduce both technologies in the Philippines.

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