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apl.de.ap and Jessica Sanchez invite the youth to “Jump In”

A Smart commercial featuring a musical collaboration between Filipino-American artists apl.de.ap and Jessica Sanchez has taken the Internet by storm, eliciting raves from young netizens who felt inspired by the video’s “Jump In” message. The commercial shows Sanchez and apl.de.ap encouraging the youth to stop hesitating and just do the things they want to do. It includes vignettes of a teenage boy mustering enough courage to ask his crush out, a barkada jumping off a waterfall cliff, and a boy on a wheelchair playing basketball.

Smart officially launched the commercial online and in television and radio stations on December 2.

One YouTube user congratulated everyone behind the Jump In song and video. “It’s very positive and uplifting,” he said.

Asked by Smart about her Jump In moment, American Idol runner-up Sanchez said: “I guess my whole life is a Jump In story. I was like, ‘You know what? I don’t know how far I’ll get but I’m just gonna do it.’”

As for apl.de.ap: “I wanted to be a nurse back then, and then I went to college for fashion design. But when I discovered music, I knew that that’s what I wanted to do in my life and I just jumped in all the way and pursued my dreams as a musician.”

Smart’s executive vice president and head of wireless consumer division Emmanuel Lorenzana said apl.de.ap and Sanchez are the perfect people to spread Smart’s Jump In message.

“Both of them were able to show the world their exceptional talent because they took that leap. We at Smart hope to inspire the Filipino youth to do what Jessica and apl did – to not waste their time by hesitating, and just Jump In to what will make them Live More,” Lorenzana said.

For their part, Jessica and apl.de.ap said they are glad to be Smart ambassadors and role models for the Filipino youth.

“It’s been a very good experience to be working with the best technological team in the Philippines. It’s great that Smart is encouraging the youth to pursue their dreams and try something new and to do things that they haven’t done before,” apl.de.ap said.

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