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Giada Barebone i35GB: Good choice for office and home application!

It is well known that Desktop computer is good for gaming and laptop computer is easy for carrying, but of course it is a best choice to have one standard system in the living room. However, it is a pity that most of people have no idea how to assemble a computer with ITX which is expensive and not easy to get one with satisfaction. But now don’t worry, Giada i35GB would like to help you out, small in size but complete in functions for your needs. More about the Giada i35GB after the jump.

Mini PC especial for your living room
Powered by Intel Atom D2550 processor (1.86GHz), Giada i35GB is working coolly in low energy consumption and supports memory in DDR3 for you to select the one you need by yourself and also supports 2.5″ HDD. Moreover, equipped with NVIDIA GT610 graphics, i35GB is able to display movie in full HD 1080P.

Neat and simple without cable mess
It is not so simple to purchase a suitable computer just by checking its specifications but also something else to be concerned. Giada i35GB is well-designed with high quality and will be your best choice if you are not a game enthusiast and also know how to install OS. Its built-in card reader can support almost all the cards you probably use. It must be weird to have too many cables messed together in your living room, while we believe i35GB will help to ease your worry by providing with wireless connections: WiFi and Bluetooth and all have just necessary HDMI and adaptor cables if you choose to use wireless mouse and keyboard. Actually it will be so nice that you will not notice its existence just by tidying these only two cables up. It is pleasingly featured with quite low energy consumption and even if working for a whole afternoon, its temperature just changes a little but not much. It is probably kind of small to some of you but complete in functions to your satisfaction. Maybe its limit internal space is just enough for GT610, otherwise it is probably that a bunch of PCs will lose its stance.

Balance between efficiency and space
With metal outer case, after running for a whole afternoon, its temperature is just around 50 degrees and obviously it has a very good cooling system and avoids the worry about high temperature it often happens to small ones. It gets a grade of 1601 tested in PCMark.  In the editor’s opinion, it is in a high grade in its own kind. Now it seems that Smart TV has gradually become the mainstream but everyone will not purchase it. As it is not easy to let the users who are used to PC change for Smart TV. Also Smart TV has many operating differences from PC, such as menu selection, typing by remote controller and the way to make setting, besides; there are many functions unavailable now and only open abroad. But just by using Giada Mini PC i35GB, you will find all of these won’t be issues.

There is no hard disk and memory installed in i35GB, but it would be a good way for yourself to choose the most suitable ones according to your need, if you have many audios and videos to store, just go ahead to get a hard disk with big room for storage and if you surf on the internet with high speed, then get a card with big memory, so easy and so simple, right? While here is another issue you may need to concern about that it provides no hard disk and it certainly won’t have OS, if you have no idea about OS installation, please just take care.

Giada Barebone i35GB Specifications
CPU: Intel Atom D2550
Chipset: Intel NM10 Express
I/O: 5 x USB2.0; 1 x Card reader (SD/MMC/MS/MS PRO); 1 x HDMI; 1 x VGA; 1 x COM port; 1 x DC-in Jack; 1 x SPDIF (Line-out)
Mini PCI-e: 2 pcs (1x high for mSATA SSD, 1 x half for PCI-e)

Find out more about the Giada i35GB here: http://www.giadatech.com/index.php?app=product&act=show&id=114

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