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Gigabyte launches multi-purpose 10.1 Inches Slate PC S1082!

GIGABYTE, a global leading company in motherboards, graphics cards and computer peripherals, today introduces the Slate PC S1082 with pre-installed Windows 8, touch capabilities, high performance and lots of latest features, providing more power for end-users in business as well as personal usage. More about the GIGABYTE Slate PC S1082 after the jump.

GIGABYTE Slate PC S1082 is designed for business such as education, healthcare, government, logistic and retail…, where jobs frequently take users away from a traditional desk. Powered by latest OS Windows 8 from Microsoft with touch capabilities and friendly user interface, GIGABYTE Slate PC S1082 brings professionals with the flexibility to create, edit and review content on one highly mobile and lightweight device. Furthermore, equipped with Dual-core processor from Intel, customizable storage capacity, large screen (10") and variety of ports, Slate PC S1082 can also a mobile multimedia center with performance better than tablets and mobility better than laptops.

Slate PC S1082 is powered by low-power Intel dual-core processor and 2,5" 7mm hard drive built-in, which users can choose SSD or HDD. The device's 10.1" multi-touch screen ensures bright and crisp images for presentation, multimedia and games. For more flexible, GIGABYTE designed an optical finger navigation button, playing role as a mouse, giving users the ability to operate the S1082 like a normal laptop.

GIGABYTE PC S1082 comes with lots of I/O ports, like a standard laptop, including SD Card Reader, 2 USB 2.0, SIM Card slot, LAN, 2 audio ports HDMI and D-sub. GIGABYTE enhanced the device with SIM Card slot (3,5G) beside Wifi support, turning it into a truly mobile device with all-the-time connected.

For more convenient, GIGABYTE offers 2 options for upgrading: keyboard kit which users can turn S1082 into a notebook; docking station with DVD drive, transforming S1082 into a multimedia center on the go.

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