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A mini love affair with Tattoo

ITS sleek body is a sight to behold. Touch it and you'll feel the perfect combination of glass and aluminum. Lift it and you'll realize that it as light as it is thin. Turn it on and be ready to fall in love. This is the iPad mini and Tattoo empowers you to start a beautiful love affair with this phenomenal device for as low as P13,990.

iPad mini is the perfect example of "less is more."

With a stunning 7.9 inch Multi-touch display, the iPad mini weighs only 10.7 ounces, 53% lighter than its big brother iPad. It is almost the same size as a paperback book making it the perfect tool for reading over long periods of time or even watching a full length movie while in bed.

iPad mini is not all about beauty. This amazing machine packs all the latest features in its sleek body, giving the user immediate access to more than 275,000 iPad apps.

The iPad mini boasts of two cameras: a 1.2-megapixel Facetime HD camera up front and a 5 megapixel iSight camera at the back that captures crisp, good quality images. In addition, the iPad mini has 1080p HD video recording.

The iPad mini exceeds expectations with its battery life of an incredible 10 hours, among the longest battery life of any tablet tested, and its ultrafast wireless performance.

New owners of the iPad mini love it because of its beauty, size and functionality. In fact, work has become more efficient and lifestyles have pleasantly changed because of the iPad mini. And now, it's time for you to fall in love with the iPad mini, made more affordable by Tattoo.

Subscribe to Tattoo Postpaid Plan 999 and get the iPad mini 16 GB for only P13,990; 32 GB for only P18,790 and 64 GB for only P23,590 all with UNLIMITED browsing. You may also get your iPad mini with the Tattoo Postpaid Plan 999 at 12-month, 0% installment terms!

Tattoo also offers the iPad mini for prepaid users at the very affordable P21,990 for the 16 GB; P26,990 for the 32 GB and P31,990 for the 64 GB with pay per use browsing charges.

If you want your tablet bigger, Tattoo also offers the 4th generation iPad with Retina display also at Plan 999 for only P21,300 (16 GB); P25,290 (32 GB) and P29,990 (64 GB) all with UNLIMITED browsing and available at 12-months installment terms at zero interest.

Grab your iPad mini now with Tattoo Plan 999 and discover why the whole world has fallen in love with this charming tablet. Visit tattoo.globe.com.ph or any Globe Store nearest you to subscribe.

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