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Globe Business: first to conquer the cloud!

Many companies are starting to secure their space in the country's cloud computing realm. However, only one can lay claim as being the first to reach the cloud, explore its many dimensions and harness its immense potential. Globe Business broke ground as the first telecommunications company to offer infrastructure cloud computing solutions to the country in August 2011 when it unveiled its initial offering, Infrastructure-as-a-Service, to complement its existing data center services and address cloud requirements of clients.

As a true industry leader in innovation, the company introduced in the Philippines a concept where customers can now acquire their cloud and connectivity requirements from one provider, thus enabling an end-to-end solution.

To fortify its stronghold on the cloud, Globe Business also forged ties early on with industry leaders to deliver both ends of the cloud spectrum, such as VM Ware for its public cloud services, and Morphlabs for its private cloud for either on-premise or hosted deployment.

It continued its display of superiority in the field of cloud computing last year when it launched Dynamic Infrastructure Services or DIS. DIS is a private cloud for enterprises that complies with strict standards and provides higher computing requirements that can run multiple critical applications. It also simplifies cloud computing by leveraging pre-configured and fully-tested components so enterprises can build private clouds at lower costs.

Above and beyond strictly offering its full arsenal of cloud-based solutions, Globe Business Enterprise Segments Head Grace Jarin-Castillo said that the company delivers an end-to-end engagement framework where it works in close collaboration with clients to fulfill and address specific requirements. "Through intensive scoping, giving expert recommendations and proper execution, Globe Business provides existing and potential customers with the appropriate cloud solutions and the corresponding support to realize its full potential and benefit. Our main focus is to understand their business concerns and analyze customer pain points to create a comprehensive end-to-end solution," she pointed out. The company also boasts of fast turn-around times in rolling out these solutions, to which Castillo noted "is possible only through constant communication and collaboration with our clients."

In providing real customer solutions beyond telecom services, Globe Business unveiled last year a ground-breaking application with its PayrollCloud. It simplifies payroll processing by providing an affordable online timekeeping and tax compliance payroll solution that is secure, always available, and easy to use. It also complies with all Philippine payroll and government requirements which help improve accuracy of reports to avoid expensive penalties for erroneous and late filings to government. With Globe PayrollCloud, companies can now have a reliable payroll system for their personnel.

The Backup-as-a-Service platform was also recently made available, allowing companies to replicate and restore critical data to and from secure storage facilities in the Tier 3-adherent Globe Business data centers, using the best breed of backup and restoration software. This allows for increased productivity, enhanced business continuity and protection of valuable corporate information.

And as a way to reach out these businesses and help them "get into" the cloud, Globe Business is actively participating in various informational gatherings such as corporate road shows, round table discussions and technical industry forums with its key executives and technical experts sharing their vast knowledge in the field and encouraging companies to take small steps in assimilating this new technology.

In terms of nation building, Globe Business has had engagements with local government units involving cloud solutions through various evangelization sessions for the different agencies to raise their awareness on the benefits of cloud services. As the government has already crafted its Philippine Digital Strategy from 2011 to 2015, Globe Business is working closely with them to position cloud services to meet its overall objectives.

Globe Business Head of Business Products and Services Cocoy Claravall said that the economics of cloud computing can significantly improve the operations of enterprises: "Companies which rely on our cloud solutions reap the benefits of increased profitability, improved operational efficiencies and more importantly, they can better focus on their core businesses."

Giving a foresight to what is in store for cloud computing in the company's perspective, Globe Business Head Jesus Romero commented that "for most enterprises still using traditional infrastructure for their IT resources, we can help them transition to cloud computing as they can now acquire these resources faster and even at lower costs. They can now look into the cloud to improve business agility and flexibility to increase customer service levels and satisfaction.

Romero brims with optimism by saying that "overall, we plan to stay aggressive with our cloud offerings. Globe Business is blazing the trail for this technology and looking to advance its use by industries as well as companies of any size - right here, right now."

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