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Globe remains brand of choice in postpaid

Globe Telecom clearly showed its edge in the postpaid business after ending 2012 on a record high subscriber base. Cementing its leadership in the postpaid segment, Globe closed the year with 1.7 million customers as of end-December 2012, a new all-time high. This is a remarkable 19% growth from 1.4 million in end 2011. More details after the jump.

Fourth quarter 2012 results continued the momentum for Globe, adding close to 72,000 net postpaid subscribers during the period. According to Martha Sazon, Head of Globe Postpaid, the consistent performance of the segment is attributed to strong sales driven by the best postpaid offers and deals, a record-breaking iPhone 5 launch in December 2012, and a much-improved subscriber churn at 1.6% as of end-2012.

"When it comes to postpaid, subscribers choose Globe and stay with Globe. The deep affinity with the brand has grown tremendously over the years with our customer-focused strategies. Customers are choosing us, staying with us, and as a result, we are winning the postpaid market," said Martha Sazon, Head of Globe Postpaid.

After successfully launching the game-changing My Super Plan in 2010, Globe strengthened its customer service and after-sales support systems with a dedicated hotline, remodeled Stores, extensively-trained Stores personnel and relationship managers, and forged stronger partnerships with the world's leading device manufacturers for its postpaid segment.

In 2012, Globe subscribers scored the best deals for the most sought-after smartphones such as Nokia Lumia 800, BlackBerry Curve 9220 and 9320, Samsung Galaxy S III and Note 2, and the iPhone 5 with freebies, service add-ons and boosters, affordable monthly cash-outs, and shorter lock-up periods. New subscribers, especially those on a budget can already get a Globe postpaid plan for as low as P299 monthly with a free gadget.

In fact, during its launch of the iPhone 5 in December 2012, Globe exceeded its sales targets, even surpassing its sales for the iPhone 4S in all fronts – website pre-orders, registration, and actual purchase and fulfillment.

"Globe banked on experience and expertise that paved the way for a successful iPhone 5 launch. iPhone 5 is such a great device that deserves the best offers and customer experience that only Globe can provide," shared Sazon.

One of the highly-favored privileges among customers was the innovative "Reset" program, where existing Globe postpaid subscribers who are still within the contract were given the flexibility to renew or extend their account to get the iPhone 5 at a discount.

"The Reset program was a huge hit. It allowed us to delight our existing subscriber base with an irresistible deal, while our "genius" offers attracted new subscribers and switchers from competing networks to get their iPhone 5 from Globe," added Sazon.

Add-on services included easy payment terms, free subscription to a mobile phone protection program and to the GCASH American Express Virtual Card, discount on accessories, and free download of Globe mobile apps.

"As we start to feel the gains of our modernized network this year, we will use every opportunity to revolutionize and redefine postpaid with offers and deals that are truly relevant and game-changing, bringing a whole new mobile postpaid experience for Filipinos," Sazon ended.

Globe was first to offer postpaid plans in 1994 and since then has continued to lead the segment with innovation and the product principle of customization.

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