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Globe Telecom conquering prepaid market with quarter-high subscriber additions in 4Q 2012!

In the midst of intense competition and a highly-challenging market due to multi-SIM usage, Globe Telecom's prepaid segment posted a quarter-high of 3.1 million in gross subscriber additions in the last quarter of 2012. This is 14% above third quarter's 2.7 million. Net incremental subscribers likewise grew in the fourth quarter, registering nearly 300,000 compared to the previous quarter's over 33,000 subscribers. As of end-2012, Globe prepaid base has reached 16.4 million, up 6% year-on-year and 2% quarter-on-quarter.

"Innovation is what drove our prepaid segment to grow and sustain momentum for 2012 despite the aggressive efforts of our competitors and dynamic behavior of prepaid consumers who switch from one prepaid SIM to the other," said Peter Bithos, Senior Advisor for Consumer Business at Globe.

Last year, Globe Prepaid strengthened its all-network and unlimited services by bundling its prepaid offers with text messages to all networks and mobile data access. It also responded to the growing demand for mobile browsing by giving subscribers free access to Facebook and Google.

In the area of service delivery, Globe Prepaid took front and center with its customer-centric Load Watch, an innovative service that provides subscribers with real-time information on their load status, permanently avoiding instances of Nakaw Load. The segment also unveiled its self-service menu *143#, paving the way for subscribers to easily register to their favorite prepaid promos without having to memorize keywords and access codes.

For 2013, Globe prepaid intends to maintain its position in the market with another breakthrough and game-changing offer that allows subscribers to create their own prepaid promo based on their needs, budget, and lifestyle, bringing the principle of customization and personalization to prepaid customers.

Globe GoSakto lets subscribers make their own prepaid promo from scratch and choose the type and number of calls, texts and data they need for the day, week, or month. The first of its kind in the world, GoSakto recognizes that customers have different needs when it comes to telco services, thus empowering them to create the perfect prepaid promo that fits their needs exactly.

With the many levels of selection, prepaid subscribers can explore and find the best value GoSakto promo combo with over 2,000 possible combinations, another Globe-first.

"We are thrilled to disrupt the prepaid market with yet another innovation that will change the behavior of today's subscribers when it comes to availing promos. With GoSakto, subscribers will bid pre-made and canned prepaid promos goodbye. No customer is the same as the other. One wants more calls, another is a heavy texter, and the other enjoys browsing," said KD Dizon, Head of Globe Prepaid.

Added Dizon, "Taking this consumer insight, we at Globe developed a new service that will give the subscribers the power to make their own promo from scratch. Through GoSakto, Globe will be the brand that makes prepaid promos more flexible, personal, and yes customizable."

Subscribers can create their own GoSakto promo via the self-service menu *143#, the Globe website at www.globe.com.ph/gosakto, or the GoSakto Facebook App available at apps.facebook.com/gosakto.

Dizon looks at GoSakto to increase the number of promo subscriptions among existing customers, as well as to acquire new ones who are looking for the right prepaid promo that will fit their needs.

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