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Kaspersky Lab tops nearly 50 comparative tests in 2012 worldwide

Throughout 2012, Kaspersky Lab’s corporate and consumer security solutions have participated in over 70 different tests and studies by international research labs. In all of these tests, the company showed impressive results in close to 50 highly-respected independent tests. More details after the jump.

As well as assessing the antivirus component, the independent experts paid particular attention to the various technologies available in Kaspersky Lab’s products, including the company’s very latest developments:  Automatic Exploit Prevention (100% protection against the launch of malicious code in data files), Safe Money (100% protection for online payments) and Whitelisting (a high quality database of clean software) all performed impressively.

The results showed the company’s solutions claimed first place in 30 tests and on another 19 occasions received prestigious awards from the experts. This testifies to the high quality of Kaspersky Lab’s security solutions and the company's readiness to confront the most complex IT threats facing users.

Most reputable independent test organizations
Kaspersky Lab has a great deal of respect for the specialists and their vast knowledge of modern cyber threats which is used to conduct truly independent tests. Among the labs whose research results the company trusts in particular are:

Kaspersky Lab’s Chief Technology Officer Nikolay Grebennikov said the company takes seriously its participation in independent tests by reputable labs. He said it allows the company to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of its products to enhance them further.

“It also makes it possible to move the whole testing industry forward by developing methodologies for the testing of exclusive non-malware technologies. The numerous prizes and awards demonstrate to our corporate and consumer customers that they made the right choice when they installed Kaspersky Lab’s reliable protection solutions on their computers," Grebennikov said.

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