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PRICE DROP: Tattoo Prepaid Superstick now down to P2,895!

Power up your Internet experience with the Tattoo 4G SuperStick for only Php2,895 (from Php3,495)! With today's most affordable mobile Wi-Fi Stick, you can easily connect up to eight (8) devices! You don't even need to plug your Tattoo SuperStick in your laptop to explore online. Just turn it on and you get to enjoy surfing at maximum speeds of 7.2 Mbps powered by the country's largest 4G network.

Using your Tattoo 4G SuperStick , you can also explore—and enjoy—the most awesome deals, freebies, and discounts on Tattoo's newest lifestyle portal LiveTattoo. Whether you're a Techie, Adventurer, Culture Vulture, Trendsetter, or Audiophile, there's surely a ton of offers perfectly suited to your lifestyle. Just enroll your Tattoo account!

Get the Tattoo 4G SuperStick at selected stores nationwide.

Source: Globe Tattoo (Facebook)

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  1. Tinanggal din pala yun free 120 hours internet good for 5 days. So di rin ganun kalaki yun discount.


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