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Celebrate Sun Cellular’s 10th Anniversary with a FREE Samsung Eider phone from Sun Broadband!

Celebrate Sun Cellular’s 10th Anniversary with every purchase of an Unlimited Plan 799 or 899, get not only a free modem, WiFi stick, or pocket WiFi, but also a Samsung Eider with a Prepaid SIM! No extended holding period, no cash-outs, just free phone goodness only from Sun Broadband! Promo is from March 1 to April 15, 2013 only. More details after the jump.

Plan Bundled Device FREE Holding Period
Unlimited Plan 899*


Samsung Eider with Prepaid Super Budget SIM 29 12 months
WiFi Stick 18 months
Pocket WiFi 24 months

*Monthly Fee is discounted to P799 if bundled with a Sun Postpaid Plan.

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