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Globe innovates retail channels with out-of-the box store formats

Globe introduced new store formats in late 2012 including the Globe Store-On-The-Go and the Globe Store kiosk. The new store formats fill the various needs of Globe customers wherever they may be.

Globe Telecom continues to provide superior and unique store experience for its customers as it expand its retail channels in 2012 with the introduction of new store formats as a means to make its services and offers more available to a wider consumer base even in far-flung areas.

"Continuing our commitment to deliver superior customer experience across the country, Globe is again raising the bar in the telco industry with the introduction of new store formats. This is in response to the need for more customer service channels to accommodate more subscribers availing of Globe postpaid, prepaid and internet services," said Globe President Ernest Cu.

"The new store formats—the premium dealership store, pop-up store, microstore, kiosk, and store-on-the-go—each provides a different retail mix to our subscribers. The new stores were carefully designed based on demographics, lifestyle and shopping behaviors of its customers. Now you don't have to go to a Globe Store we will be the one to go to you," Cu said.

Each store provides a unique experience for customers. A Globe Premium Dealer Store is also a full-service Globe concept store owned and operated by a third-party investor. Meanwhile, the Globe Kiosk in is a permanent fixture but its unique design and on-the-go products coupled with self-serve machines like bills payment machine and interactive screen for after-sales service provide a different experience for customers. The Globe Microstore is an in-line store that has a more relaxing atmosphere. The retail specialist sits beside the customer to interact. The store's furniture was specifically designed to support this type of interaction.

The pop-up store on the other hand, offers customers the same shopping experience when visiting a concept store the only difference is that it can be installed anywhere. The first Globe pop-up store was opened at the Power Plant Mall last July 2012. In addition, the Globe Store-On-The-Go is a fully-functioning mobile Globe Store that is deployed in far-flung areas where customers need the services of the store.

With the emergence of the new Globe Store formats and in line with its continued goal to strengthen its primary retail channel, Globe finished 2012 with the opening of 68 new stores, a combination of new or redesigned concept stores, premium dealer stores, microstores, and kiosks. Out of the 68, there are 10 microstores and 9 kiosks installed in key areas all over the country.

Globe has converted around 80% of its total store channel nationwide to full-service concept stores and is set to complete the conversion within the year.

Globe has a total of 168 stores nationwide to service its over 33-million subscribers.

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