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Globe Network Transformation Program Media Plan among the Best PR Programs

Known for its transparency and integrity in dealing with its customers, Globe Telecom bagged an Anvil Award from the Public Relations Society of the Philippines (PRSP) for its Network Transformation Program Media Plan. The Network Transformation Program Media Plan is an integrated communications campaign launched by Globe to create subscriber awareness on the company's massive network transformation program as well as reshape public perception instigated by the negative campaigns of its rival network.

Affirming its commitment to superior customer experience via a brand new network, the campaign used the theme "Empowering you, your way: We're upgrading our network to empower you to move millions," to showcase the benefits of a real and modernized network that will address present challenges and the future needs of its multi-million subscribers.

Amidst the successive and opportunistic tirades of its competitor, the communications campaign used various PR tools and activities to engage its subscribers and the public in general. One notable engagement tools was the online portal www.network.globe.com.ph that allowed subscribers to understand the program better and learn about the network rollout progress in their respective areas.

Aside from the interactive portal, face-to-face customer roadshows gave subscribers the opportunity to ask hard hitting questions and generate feedback on the ongoing network rollout. Various speaking engagements, internal communications, and social media programs were utilized to speak and connect to the Company's stakeholders, which included Globe subscribers, shareholders and investors, employees, media and online influencers and public in general.

"The Network Transformation Program Media Plan resonates well our core values of accountability and transparency by informing, enlightening, and engaging our subscribers as we build a brand new Globe network," said Yoly Crisanto, Head of Corporate Communications at Globe. "This good news coincides with another milestone in our network transformation program as we near completion of the first phase that replaced legacy hardware and cellsites with new network equipment."

After the first phase, the network transformation program will quickly transition into the second phase, which involves optimizing the new equipment to boost mobile and data services. During the second phase, 4G technologies using either HSPA+ or LTE will be activated in more areas for a better network experience. In addition, more resilient fiber optic cables will be laid out to address capacity and network quality.

Receiving the trophy during the awarding ceremonies from Anvil Awards committee member Leah Caringal (far right) are (from left) Consumer Marketing Brand Integrator Techie dela Fuente and External Affairs Manager EJ Francisco.

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