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LG announces its new 27-inch MT93 IPS Personal Smart TV!

LG Electronics recently announced its new 27-inch MT93 IPS Personal Smart TV, designed for individuals who desire a big viewing experience without the big footprint. With stellar Smart TV capabilities and excellent connectivity options, LG’s Personal Smart TV is the perfect entertainment hub for both singles and students. It boasts a vivid IPS displayand a thin yet elegant bezel design that harmonizes with any modern interior while also doubling as a PC monitor.

Like LG’s bigger brethren, the MT93 provides access to a vast range of online content, broadcasts, VoD and apps from global and local providers. It’s easy to search and select from LG’s comprehensive content collection on the Smart Home interface with its convenient Premium Content menu. This categorized section offers users popular services such as Facebook, Netflix and Hulu Plus, as well as the extensive content libraries found in LG’s 3D World and Game World. LG’s Smart TV platform is so easy to use that it was recently honored with a coveted 2013 iF communication design award for its user interface, which includes Smart Home, Voice Mate and other outstanding features.

LG’s Smart TV platform also delivers convenient content sharing and screen mirroring via WiDi and Miracast. With Mobile High-definition Link (MHL), users can play games or display smartphone content on the MT93 while charging their mobile devices at the same time. The TV ships with LG’s next generation Magic Remote, which uses voice recognition, gesture, scroll and click controls deliver a smooth and natural way of navigating the LG Smart TV ecosystem. The MT93 also offers Picture-in-Picture (PIP) capability allowing users to view two different shows at the same time or browse their Facebook account which watching their favorite prime time sitcom.

The LG IPS Personal Smart TV performs equally well as a high-end monitor when connected to a computer. And with a built-in browser, users can even surf the internet without a PC simply by connecting a keyboard and mouse to the MT93. What’s more, two HDMI connections and three USB ports make transferring content to LG’s Personal Smart TV easier than ever before.

The MT93 uses LG’s In-plane Switching (IPS) display technology, producing a picture quality that has few rivals. IPS displays outperform Twisted Nematic (TN) and Vertical Alignment (VA) technologies with their vivid colors that look lifelike from almost any angle. But beauty isn’t limited just to the images on the screen. The slim CINEMA SCREEN design accentuates the immersive viewing experience. This understated yet elegant frame is matched to an equally graceful stand which would look at home in any room.

LG MT93 IPS Personal Smart TV Specifications

Screen Size
Full HD 1920 x 1080
IPS / 3D
Brightness, C/R
250nits, Mega
Response Time
GTG: 5ms
Miracast, WiDi
HDMI x 2 (MHL ready), Composite, Component,
USB x 3 (Media, Keyboard/Mouse), LAN
7W x 2 (3D Sound Zooming)
Smart TV, 2D to 3D Conversion (H/W),
Magic Remote,USB Quick View, WOL
3D Glasses
2EA (Normal)

The MT93 IPS Personal Smart TV will be introducedt his month in Europe followed by other select regions worldwide.

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