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Canon imageFORMULA document scanners target a more efficient work year

An average worker develops projects by producing multiple hard-copy documents as time goes by. Write-ups, reports, financial statements, and other files pop up, urging the worker to apply a system to efficiently manage the hefty piles of information.

Addressing the new year and an improved work era, Canon puts forth its imageFORMULA document scanners. To avoid wasting time searching for information dated several months back, or settling for mediocrity in a project because the data needed could not be traced, each document can be easily scanned and categorized into electronic folders.

The imageFORMULA series comprises four models in surprisingly compact sizes: DR C-125, P-215, M-140, and M-160. Each model is crafted with advanced user-friendly features to help the worker sort out necessary documents as conveniently as possible.

Accommodating both colored and black-and-white files, Canon imageFORMULA can scan double-sided documents just as rapidly as a one-sided document in a traditional scanner. It has a space-saving dual-feeding path—the U-Turn Path Feeding for normal paper and the Straight Path Feeding for thicker documents such as business cards and plastic IDs.

To ensure high image quality in the scanned document, Canon imageFORMULA has an advanced sensor unit called the Contact Image Sensor (CIS). This prevents image distortion and wrinkling to keep files straight and even. Text and colors are visually improved with the Advanced Text Enhanced mode and the Color Dropout function.

Mishaps may occur in scanning too many documents, but Canon imageFORMULA has found solutions for them. Double Feed Detection prevents two documents from being fed into the scanner at the same time. Automatic Page Size Detection takes in a batch of mixed paper sizes and keeps the sizes accurate in the scanned output. Automatic Image Rotate steers the scanned image to its proper orientation, and Skew Correction straightens skewed documents. And for thin documents, the scanner removes the bleed-through from the back side as well as any unwanted background in the front for a cleaner image.

Saving both space and time, Canon imageFORMULA simplifies the system for reusing and sharing information. There is no more need to invest in filing cabinets to hoard documents. No need to consume a bulk of time tracking down information. With that precious time, workers can be doing more productive activities to increase their overall efficiency and development. As this new year brings on new challenges, Canon will continuously find solutions to benefit the workforce.

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