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Globe debunks rival's claim of highest growth in postpaid, maintains lead in revenue shares!

Debunking its rival's claim that its postpaid subscriber base posted the highest growth in the industry, Globe Telecom revealed that it gained the most number of postpaid subscribers in 2012 not by basis of percentage growth but by actual base growth in net subscriber additions.

According to its official disclosures, Globe acquired 279,762 new postpaid customers, trumping Smart which added 132,943 subscribers ending 2012. Sun, on the other hand, gained 218,352.

"Percentage growth does not necessarily translate to the highest growth in the industry, especially if you're coming from a relatively lower base, thus giving the perception that your growth is bigger than the rest. Real growth looks at actual subscriber additions over a specific period of time," Globe Head of Postpaid Martha Sazon said.

On a quarter-on-quarter level, Globe still claimed the top spot with 71,715 new subscribers in 4Q 2012, a 14% increase from the previous quarter. Smart obtained 24,607 customers during the same period while Sun added 46,495.

Ending 2012, Globe postpaid subscriber share stood at 43.5%, Sun at 39.4%, while Smart gets the remaining 17.1%.

In the area of postpaid service revenues, Globe clearly had the edge over its competitors, with revenues of P22.8 billion ending 2012, a hefty 24% increase from previous year's P18.5 billion, translating to a 56.2% postpaid revenue share. On the other hand, combined revenues of its two competitors were at P17 billion with a 43.8% combined revenue share.

With this phenomenal growth in postpaid subscriber base and service revenues, Globe easily secures the spot of being the biggest and most consistently-growing postpaid brand in the country.

Early this year, Globe scored exclusive deals with two of the world's biggest smartphone brands Samsung and CloudFone, getting first dibs on the Samsung Galaxy SIII mini and the CloudFone tablet and phone bundle. Both devices are offered with more plan options, giving subscribers more flexibility and the true freedom to enjoy their calls, texts, and mobile internet.

Just last March, with its strong partnership with BlackBerry, Globe gained exclusivity to carry the new BlackBerry Z10 LTE under its suite of fully-customizable and unlimited surfing plans that provide subscribers with unlimited LTE surfing with mobile internet speeds of up to 42 Mbps, a faster browsing experience, and more seamless access with the new BlackBerry World.

The postpaid leader is poised to sustain growth momentum in 2013 with the launch of the new and best-ever My Super Plan coming this April.

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