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Nokia Lumia gets better with Windows Phone 7.8!

Nokia Lumia users are in for a treat as their smartphones become more exciting and personalized with the new Windows Phone 7.8! What do you get from the Windows Phone 7.8 update? You can transform your Nokia Lumia devices (Lumia 510, Lumia 610, Lumia 710, Lumia 800 and Lumia 900) with a host of exciting new customizable features, such as the ability to resize your Live Tiles, and pick from new lock screen options and theme colors.

The Start Screen experience is completely refreshed with the ability to resize your tiles from small, medium and large. You can put all your favorite apps on the start screen for easy access.

For the lock screen, a daily background image from Bing is now available. Pocket and child lock screen security are also improved. Plus, there is increased language support, meaning even more people get to enjoy Nokia Lumia.

To update your Nokia Lumia devices to Windows Phone 7.8, download Zune Software to your PC. Connect your phone to your computer with USB cable and simply follow the instructions on screen.

Delivery of the update is operator dependent, which means you will receive a notification in the coming weeks if you have an unlocked phone or if your operator has approved the update. If you don’t receive the update notification within the next three weeks, please contact your operator for more information.

Aside from major system updates, Nokia Lumia had also introduced a stream of exciting new features. These include Internet sharing, Bluetooth sharing, imaging enhancements like Camera Extras, and the release of apps such as Contact Share, Play To and Nokia City Lens. Don’t miss out on the Windows Phone 7.8 update by enabling your notifications on your phone. With these exciting updates and new features, users definitely have more reasons to love the Nokia Lumia smartphone.

Image Source: www.knowyourmobile.in

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