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DEVANT LEDTech TVs A Smart Energy Efficient Choice This Summer!

 Devant 50iTV630 LEDTech TV

This summer, a lot of people escape the heat by heading off to their favorite mall or to the beach. Though an enjoyable getaway, it is often times not an economical choice so most will contend to stay at home. Nowadays, being at home can be as enjoyable given more entertainment options centered on the television.  Watching movies or playing games are definite options, and with ‘smart televisions’, even web browsing and social networking can be a choice.

But most are afraid that long hours in front of the television will result in higher home electricity bill.  This does not have to be the case.  Long hours of enjoyment do not have to mean higher electricity bill especially with Devant LEDTech TVs.

Devant TVs are built with cutting edge LED technology that is a key energy-saving component.  LED refers to the lighting system responsible for displaying images on the screen. LED’s efficient backlighting system is proven to consume 20% to 30% less power than conventional and plasma TVs.

So, no need to pull the plug on home entertainment this summer with a smart energy efficient choice -- Devant LEDTech TVs.

Movie Marathon
When doing a movie marathon, consider watching favorite movies with Devant’s 50iTV630 LEDTech TV.  It provides a larger viewing experience with its 50-inch screen.

Get incredible detail in Full HD 1080p; top-notch video quality and picture clarity that can only come from Devant LEDTech TV’s high-resolution and high-definition displays.

Adding up to the overall viewing experience, Devant’s 50iTV630 surround sound quality produces rich and full audio clarity.

Get more with its “2D to 3D conversion” feature, and experience 3D viewing even with 2D movies.  With the 3D feature turned on, the viewing experience allows a dynamic and sharp perception making it all seem to come alive.  It is certainly a fun way to do a movie marathon.

Game for Gaming
If gaming is the choice, enjoy it best with Devant’s 55iTV730 LEDTech TV.  With its 120Hz Vivid Motion, enjoy consistent display of fast-moving scenes without any blur or delay--a  visual treat for any gamer.

Apart from that, connecting game consoles are made easy with Devant’s multiple choice of terminals.  Just select the right terminal, be it an HDMI, USB, VGA and connect instantly.  Devant TV is simply the answer to every gamer’s dream of a fast ‘plug and play’ device.

Devant 55WIZ830 Smart 3D Internet TV

More than just TV
Have home WiFi – then get more out of a Devant 55WIZ830 Smart 3D Internet TV.   This smart television makes it possible to browse the web, watch clips from YouTube, view images with Picasa, and even engage in social networks like Facebook and Twitter. All these and more by simply pressing the “Smart” button. What seemed to be just an ordinary TV experience can actually turn out to be a long list of possibilities   courtesy of Devant Smart TV’s advance features.

Whether the choice is to do a movie marathon, play video games, or simply browse the internet, Devant LEDTech TVs could simply be the household name for everyone’s home viewing entertainment.

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