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Get connected to NVIDIA and walk home with not only 1 but 4 of NVIDIA graphic cards!

Choose your Weapon and Discover the New GeForce GTX 600 Series! Get Connected to NVIDIA, Learn, Answer and Share the Experience and Walk home with not only 1 but 4 of NVIDIA graphic cards! Check out the 3 topics below, Participate and get a chance to win.

"iGPU is Never Good Enough."
The Digital World has stepped up to its game in terms of Quality with the continued push for high definition content. Integrated GPUs are not good enough at this day and age. It is because iGPU shares memory with CPU and takes up all the resources available.

A dedicated GPU, specially NVIDIA’s Product are sure to accelerate your digital life thanks to better graphics performance while not hogging your system’s resources. Tap into premium PC experience with dedicated Graphics from NVIDIA.

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Renew Your 5 year PC with NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 600 Series
Upgrading an entire gaming PC is not something that you can decide on in an instant. It takes planning, some research, and a deep pocket to keep your computer running on the most advanced components and play the latest games. Then the time comes that improving your system is of extreme necessity but your funds hold you back. But we have an alternative aside from upgrading an entire rig.

By simply getting the NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 600 series graphics card, a consumer can rejuvenate an aging PC to make it effectively run latest games in the market. NVIDIA assures that GEFORCE GTX 600 series graphics cards can deliver more than enough.

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GEFORCE Experience
NVIDIA extends its software support by introducing GeForce Experience, a software application designed to optimized graphics settings in games based on the hardware configuration of a desktop PC or a notebook. The GEFORCE Experience gives you the best gaming experience with GEFORCE GTX 600 series.

The GEFORCE Experience is a small application intended to accomplish two things:

  • Optimize in-game quality
  • Update drivers accordingly

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