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Globe alerts public over illegal Tattoo modem web trade Modus exposed, perpetrators being nabbed

Globe Telecom recently sounded the alarm over confirmed reports on the illegal selling of hacked Tattoo Wimax modems proliferating online, particularly through popular buy-and-sell sites. The telco strongly discourages the public from purchasing these tampered internet connectivity devices.

This transpired as a number of individuals were arrested last month following separate entrapment operations in different locales nationwide jointly rolled out by the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) and Globe security officers. A certain Jose Narcida was caught by officials after being tagged by two other suspects who brokered the selling of stolen Tattoo Wimax modems, namely Renald Barredo Denapo and his wife, all of whom were nabbed for allegedly peddling the tampered Wimax items. It was revealed that the couple admitted selling the stolen modems for P3,500 per unit.

A thorough interrogation and investigation of the suspects revealed a systematic modus operandi involving the illegal pull out of the modems from Globe subscribers by scrupulous individuals posing as Globe technicians armed with a counterfeit letter. The modems are then re-programmed and subsequently sold online, promising unlimited internet with no regular monthly bills. Globe cautions potential buyers of these devices that it constantly monitors its network and is able to disconnect and disable fraudulent connections immediately without notice.

Nikko Acosta, Head of Tattoo, said that "this unlawful activity is actually in violation of Republic Act No. 8484, otherwise known as the Access Devices Regulation Act of 1998, which protects the rights and defines the liabilities of parties in such commercial transactions by regulating the issuance and use of access devices. In this case, it's the willful tampering of our devices, selling of these items and using them to illegally tap on our signals. Buyers of hacked Tattoo Wimax modems may also be held liable for the purchase and use of these tampered devices."

"At Globe, we value fair trade and equity of service among all our subscribers. We thus enjoin them to immediately report to authorities any suspicious activities similar to or resembling this one. They may also report them directly to Globe by emailing jzjpdioneda@globetel.com.ph," added Acosta.

Already, Globe is working in close coordination with authorities particularly with the CIDG as well as the online buy-and-sell stores to put a stop to the illegal peddling of the hacked Tattoo Wimax modems.

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