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LG Electronics Philippines launches new line-up of advanced AV models for 2013!

LG Electronics Philippines recently revealed a new line-up of state-of-the-art audio-visual (AV) products. More than just home theatre systems, DVD players and iPod speakers, these creations are infused with technological advancements that elevate the standards of premium home entertainment. More details after the jump.

LG BH9530TW - 3D Blu-Ray Home Theatre System (SRP: P59,990)
The LG 9.1-Channel 3D Cinema Sound Home Theatre System, priced at P59,990, captures the dream surround sound for fervent audiophiles. It consists of four vertical Aramid Fiber Cone speakers set up in all corners of the room to secure crisp and genuine sounds from side to side and from top to bottom. Its superb audio quality surpasses that of cinemas and seamlessly complements the crystal-clear picture quality of LG’s 84-inch Ultra HD 3D TV. With its WiFi direct and multimedia content streaming capabilities, this device puts forth a higher dimension of audio systems, in the comfort of home.

LG BH6330H - 3D Blu-Ray Home Theatre System (SRP: P29,990)

Every night can be movie night at home with the LG 5.1-Channel 3D Cinema Sound Home Theatre System. With four vertical speakers that keep sound clear, precise, and ubiquitous, this will always situate one in a movie house setting. Pair it with LG’s Smart Cinema 3D TV and one gets the optimal Iron Man 3 movie experience. On top of this, it maintains an engaging and a user-friendly vibe with its USB direct recording, smartphone remote app, external HDD playback, and firmware update by network. The LG BH6330H retails for P29,990.

LG CM9730 - DVD Mini Hi-Fi (SRP: P39,990)

The LG Mini High Fidelity speakers make the ideal sound system for a house party, ranging from rowdy to intimate, or a large-scale dinner. The P39,990 set includes a DJ turntable, a jukebox, Bluetooth, CD playback, dual USB, and LED lighting speaker. With its 2.0-channel and 2,300 watts RMS amplifier, the music that blasts out of these speakers—whether hip-hop, house, or pop-rock—will surely get the festivities going.

LG BP325 - 3D Blu-Ray Player (SRP: P3,990)

The LG 3D Blu-Ray player, worth P3,990, offers more opportunities for entertainment at home. Providing unprecedented Full HD viewing of Blu-Ray DVDs, the device helps enhance family bonding moments and allows a more premium quality lifestyle. Its clean and classic structure makes it portable and convenient to bring on out-of-town trips. While it carries an HDMI and a USB port for external drives, its other notable features are the Blu-Ray disc playback, external HDD playback, instant tray open, and network firm update.

LG ND5520 - iPod Docking Speakers (SRP: P9,990)

The LG 2.0-channel docking system embraces the constant whirlwind of technology as it easily accommodates any smartphone, iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Once the gadget is connected to the speakers, audio becomes strong, clear, and set to impress. The speakers also include an alarm clock, FM radio, a micro USB for phone dock charging, Bluetooth streaming, USB playback, and time sync. Drawing friends and family together with the infectious party-inducing blasts of music, the docking system will help create fleeting moments and fun memories. This sells for P9,990.

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