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Smart revolutionizes Postpaid anew with Flexibundles!

Postpaid subscribers of mobile leader Smart Communications (Smart) can now better customize their monthly plans and manage their usage and budget through the newly launched offer called Flexibundles. Available across all active Smart Postpaid Plans (Smart All-In Plans, Unlimited Data Plans, iPhone Plans, Unli Postpaid, Plan 349, Freedom Plan, and the Family Circle Plans), Flexibundles allow Smart postpaid subscribers to mix and match usage offers, enabling them to design their plans to suit their specific needs.

Flexibundles include unlimited call and SMS combos, tri-net or all-net buckets, and volume-based data plans, and Smart Postpaid subscribers simply need to register to these buckets via SMS to avail.

“Never has Smart Postpaid been this flexible, and easy,” said Kathy Carag, Smart Postpaid Business Head. “We designed a wide array of Flexibundles that will suit the usage habits, budget and lifestyle of our diverse community of postpaid subscribers. With over 20 bundles available, surely there is something for everyone.”

Flexibundles, according to Smart, will allow subscribers to enjoy savings in their monthly plans by simply availing and combining the bundles that match their specific needs. Check out the full list of bundles available:

“As shown in our TV commercial featuring Anne Curtis, it’s as simple as picking the bundles you want and need – like Unli Call & Text, mobile Internet and IDD bundles – and putting them together in your grocery cart,” said Carag. “With the right combinations, you can pay less for the same services from other postpaid plans.

Aside from being easy on the budget, Flexibundles are also easy to avail. Subscribers only need to text the keyword to an access code to register to a specific service. This way, they have full control to customize and the flexibility to change bundles every month, based on their projected usage for the period.

“Getting more from your Postpaid Plan is easy and simple. You text the code of your desired Flexibundle and that’s it. If you’re on All-In, the price of the bundle gets charged within your consumable amount. For others, you get charged on top of your monthly fee,” added Carag.

A sample Flexibundle combination would be for Unli Social Plan 349. The base plan already includes Unli Tri Net SMS to Smart, Sun Cellular and Talk ‘N Text, Unli Social Stream via SmartNet and a free phone. User can add Always On 99 (50MB worth of mobile browsing for 30 days) and All Net talk 250 (80 minutes to SMART, Globe and Sun for 30 days) – all for an affordable price of P698.

Before registering to desired bundles, subscribers can try mixing and matching base Smart Postpaid plans, free handsets and Flexibundles, then compute the total package cost and total savings with the Flexibundle Calculator that can be found at www.smart.com.ph/postpaid/plans/flexibundles.

To compare all the available Flexibundles and to know the services included in each bundle, subscribers may also check out the website.

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