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Symantec Security Response: Spammers target Mother’s Day!

Accordingly to Symantec’s latest Internet Security Threat Report, the estimated projection of global spam volumes in 2012 was 30 billion spam emails per day. Spammers are improving the quality and targeting of their spam messages in an effort to bypass filters and trick victims into revealing personal information, passwords, credit card details, and bank credentials.

Ironically, even web pages meant for the guidance and protection of customers, were mimicked by phishers with the intent of tricking people into handing over personal information. The latest theme being used by spammers is Mothers Day.

Symantec has observed an increase in spam messages around Mother’s Day. These messages encourage users to take advantage of products offers, fake surveys, e-card, personalized gifts, replica watches as well as clearance sales of cars and trucks. By clicking the URL in the email, the user is automatically redirected to a website containing bogus offers. This is where the user is asked a few questions related to Mother’s Day. Upon completion of the survey, the Web page is redirected and it asks users to enter their personal information in order to receive the gifts they’d selected.

Some of the Subject Lines observed for these spam attacks:

  • Subject: Don't Forget Mother's Day - $19.99 Chocolate, Dipped Strawberries
  • Subject: Stunning Personalized Gifts for Mother's Day
  • Subject: Top Personalized Mother's Day Gifts
  • Subject: Make Mother's Day Special With A Personalized Gift
  • Subject: Mother's Day Car Deal (Half Off Every Make And Model)
  • Subject: Regarding Mothers Day
  • Subject: Celebrate Mom with a $19.99 bouquet.
  • Subject: Mother's Day Replica's Women's Accessories 
  • Subject: Mother's Day Secret Formula.

Internet users should exercise caution while handling unsolicited or unexpected emails.

For more information, please proceed to the Symantec Security Response blog post.

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