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Time for Taiwan 2013: Taiwan Tourism Travel Fair Promotion

The Taiwan Tourism had a promotion event together with some travel agencies from Taiwan and the partners in Philippines, on May 4 and 5 afternoon at New Glorietta Hall, Makati City, the event was successfully to develop the image of “Taiwan ~ The Heart of Asia” and “Time for Taiwan” to the local Philippine tourism industry and Philippine people.

Philippine is just 2 hours flight times to Taiwan, there are lots of direct flights from Philippines to Taiwan; it has been a superiority of the Philippine tourism with Taiwan Tourism. Figures can tell the growth, the Philippines tourist to Taiwan has a tremendous growth of 3.54% as 105,130 people from Philippines visited Taiwan in 2012, comparing to the 101,539 people in 2011.

But considering the big tourism market in Philippines, Taiwan Tourism is still having a big space to grow base on the 3.8 million tourist market in Philippines. This is the background that Taiwan Tourism is specially delivering the Taiwanese cultures, specialty to enhance the local people’s image about planning for a tour to Taiwan.

The Taiwan Tourism travel fair was hold for consecutive 2 days at New Glorietta Hall, Makati City, the promotion events were at afternoon of Saturday and Sunday, hosted by Mr. Steve Patrick and Ms. Cyrene. The both are very famous host for travel events and beauty contest, at the promotion event some special Taiwanese giveaways were gave out to the audiences, and while introducing some travel package program and suggestions from Taiwan Tourism, all participated people were happy and ready to go for a plan of tour to Taiwan.

For more tour information about Time to Taiwan, please visit website: www.welcome2taiwan.net

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