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Datawatch Banks on Lenovo to Shape up its Business

Having recognized the growth potential of the Philippines’ small- medium business (SMB) market, Lenovo Philippines, the second largest PC maker worldwide and an emerging PC Plus leader, has been expanding its product line to fully support SMBs’ rapidly evolving IT demands and enforce its “Protect and Attack” strategy.

SMBs today require highly-functional systems for their data management and information processing requirements. It is in this light that Lenovo, being actively committed in responding to SMBs’ needs, created the Think line to enhance SMBs’ over-all computing experience.

Among the SMBs and enterprises that have benefited from using Lenovo Think systems in their day-to-day operations is Datawatch Corporation Philippine Branch Office. Datawatch Corporation is a leading provider of information optimization products and solutions. Datawatch’s content management technologies, as well as report mining, data mining, and report analytics capabilities, allow a wide range of business establishments to deliver the greatest data variety possible into their big data and analytic applications. More than 40,000 organizations worldwide use Datawatch products and services, including 99 of the US Fortune 100 and 487 of the Fortune 500.

As a global shared services center, Datawatch requires IT equipment that can support its computation-intensive operations and collaboration requirements. Datawatch Philippines relies on Lenovo ThinkPad Edge Series laptops to boost employees’ multi-tasking competence and improve productivity across the organization.

“Our Think-branded laptops and PCs are designed to equip data-centric businesses such as Datawatch with the technical tools they need to optimize performance. Shared services centers need reliable IT systems with damage recovery and high-speed data connectivity capacities. Lenovo’s Think line addresses these requirements to help companies thrive in today’s fast-paced environment,” said Lenovo Philippines Country General Manager Vicky Agorrilla.

Lenovo: A Cost-Wise and Reliable Option
Datawatch provides information optimization products and solutions that allow organizations to deliver the greatest data variety possible into their big data and analytic applications.  Datawatch provides organizations the ability to integrate structured, unstructured, and semi-structured sources like reports, PDF files, and EDI streams into these applications to provide a 360 degree perspective of the issues and opportunities that exist in their businesses.

Datawatch Country Manager Roberto Prudente explained that their teams constantly need to multi-task across different applications. “We are used to an environment where we regularly work with virtual machines, remote-control software, and collaboration software, including web conferencing and VoIP,” he said. Datawatch, which initially relied on VoIP conferencing handsets and VoIP ATA devices, had to resort to other alternatives as the aforementioned became too expensive to be sustainable.

The Datawatch Philippine Office initially scrimped on IT equipment, and invested in hardware that impaired the organization’s performance. “We tried to improvise infrastructure using the lowest priced hardware. The ‘underpowered machines’ hampered Datawatch’s operations, and put the company’s reliability at risk,” Prudente said.

Over time, Datawatch realized that the primary consideration in purchasing IT hardware is its suitability in fulfilling an organization’s business needs. “We decided that we could function better with good hardware to support our operations,” said Prudente. Datawatch’s quest for reliable and reasonably-priced IT equipment led the company to purchase Lenovo PCs and Think Edge Series laptops to optimize its business performance.

Like any other company, Datawatch scouted around for potential laptops and PCs that can support its business operations. The company particularly searched for hardware which fulfilled a major IT requirement- dual-monitor configuration. “Not too many desktop PCs and laptops can efficiently support dual monitors in extended-desktop mode,” Prudente shared, highlighting that Lenovo PCs and laptops allow users to view different applications in full-size windows through a dual monitor setup matched with the standard configuration of a Core i3/i5 class CPU, 8GB memory, and 64-bit operating system. As Lenovo’s specifications matched Datawatch’s needs, Datawatch acquired Lenovo laptops and PCs to enhance its employees’ multi-tasking competence. Lenovo’s hardware has excellent multimedia features and audio qualities which facilitate seamless communication and effective teamwork. Lenovo’s system configurations also allow users to open various processes requiring intensive computing power, including the local hosting of multiple virtual machines.

“As a global shared services center, we use collaboration software extensively. Our ThinkPad Edge Series laptops and ThinkCentre PCs have eliminated the need for expensive VoIP conferencing handsets and VoIP ATA devices to support our voice communication requirements,” said Prudente.

Today, Datawatch uses Lenovo’s built-in speakers and microphones for conferencing. Datawatch employees are equipped with Lenovo ThinkPad Edge laptops to help them provide round-the-clock customer support through a range of mobile applications. Lenovo has given Datawatch’s employees- or “road warriors”, as Prudente often dubs his team- the capability to be location-agnostic in delivering assigned tasks. Lenovo devices have become an indispensable component in Datawatch’s disaster recovery plan.

Empowering SMBs with enhanced IT capacity
Understanding that SMBs face budget constraints, Lenovo has committed itself to providing a variety of affordable, premium products that can address specific business requirements.

Lenovo’s ThinkPad Edge Series and ThinkCentre Edge Series are powered by Lenovo Solutions for Small Business (LSSB), which integrates user productivity, PC performance, and data security, to give SMBs the IT boost they need.

This, once again, is in tandem with Lenovo’s “Protect and Attack” strategy: Lenovo has been targeting the SMB market-one of the fastest growing segments locally and a primary driver of Philippines’ economic development- to achieve further growth and profitability.

“Lenovo’s growth strategy entails attacking areas with great potential, such as the vibrant SMB market in the Philippines and protecting areas were we have a strong lead. We have observed a rise in the number of SMBs in the Philippines over the last decade, and we expect the trend to continue due to the country’s favorable investment climate. SMBs comprise more than 99 percent of the country’s businesses and employ 70 percent of the total labor force,” said Vicky Agorrilla. She emphasized how Lenovo’s growth strategy creates harmony in the IT ecosystem by striking a “balance between emerging and mature markets, balance between leading innovations in PCs and developing new products, as well as balance between commercial and consumer customer groups.”

This is consistent with Datawatch’s outlook and philosophy of considering both price and suitability in acquiring IT infrastructure. Investing on Lenovo PCs and laptops has definitely fulfilled its need for reliable and affordable hardware solutions.

“Lenovo’s ThinkEdge Series laptops and PCs are an asset to Datawatch. We were able to amplify productivity without incurring huge capital expenses,” said Prudente. “Thanks to Lenovo’s IT solutions, Datawatch was able to boost its operational efficiency. We are confident that our Lenovo PCs and laptops will continue to drive process improvement and enhance service capacity.”

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