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LG Electronics introduces World's First Door-in-Door Refrigerator in the Philippines

The world’s first door-in-door refrigerator has arrived in the country. LG’s latest addition to its smart home appliances roster is the cutting-edge Door-in-Door refrigerator, a side-by-side, double door refrigerator which features a door within a door on the right side storage area. Aside from additional storage space and larger capacity, this innovative feature allows quick and easy access to commonly consumed food and drinks, thus making frequent trips to refrigerator more energy efficient.

“When you have kids at home, the refrigerator is one of the most frequently visited appliances. The constant opening and closing of the refrigerator tends to ramp up energy consumption and eventually of course, energy cost as well,” Mr. Youngmin Chae, Vice President for Home Appliances LGEPH explained. “With our Door-in-Door feature, energy consumption is minimized by as much as 16 percent despite frequent trips to the fridge,” he added.

Breakthrough features
Sleek, practical and impeccably designed, LG’s Door-in-Door refrigerator is powered by the inverter linear compressor technology which enables LG home appliances to gain energy savings of up to 41 percent.  The same technology has put LG among the top energy saving brands in the industry with an A+++ energy grade for its refrigerators. All LG Door-in-Door refrigerators come with a 10-year compressor warranty.

With a standard capacity of 26 cubic feet, the Door-in-Door refrigerator provides a significantly larger storage space compared to usual standard-sized models. It has a specially designed premium ice and water dispenser that takes into consideration a wide range of container sizes and it is equipped with a ginseng-coated Hygiene Fresh four-step filtration system that eliminates 99.99 percent of airborne bacteria and odor. The process ends with the introduction of purified air through several special fresh air flow channels—a feature especially crucial in hot and humid locations. This technology also helps maintain the freshness and safety of stored food items longer.

Premium technology
“The Door-in-Door refrigerator is a testament to LG’s commitment to develop premium technologies that will not only set the bar for global standards but will also address the market’s changing needs,” Mr. Chae said. “We are excited to bring this pioneering home appliance product and technology to the Philippine market. Given Filipinos’ affinity for food, we are confident that the Door-in-Door refrigerator will soon find its rightful place in the Filipino home.”

For more information about the LG Smart Appliances series, visit www.lg.com/ph or www.lgblog.com.ph.

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