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ViewSonic announces joint venture with Hanvon to capitalize on touch and handwriting market

ViewSonic Corp., a leading global provider of Visual solution products, today announced a joint venture with Hanvon - a world leader of hardware and software solutions provider in handwriting recognition technology and OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology. More details after the jump.

The joint venture between ViewSonic and Hanvon results in the new ViewSonic Hanvon Touch Technology Corporation. The new company will develop Electromagnetic Resonance Touch (ERT) Screen Module for the growing e-signatures, e-government solutions, e-paper orders and digital educational application markets. And it is able to provide a high-quality, yet affordable solution for customers who want to add digital signature or handwritten notes taking functionality to their own products.

The new company has already developed screen modules and finished products  of various sizes including 4.7”, 7”, 8”, 9.7”, 10.1”, 11.6”, 15.4”, 15.6”, 17”, 18.5”, 19”, and 21.5” Electromagnetic Resonance Touch (ERT) Screen Module, as well as various sizes of pen displays (10.1”, 15.6”, 18.95”, 21.5”).  These products provide accurate writing, and easy-to-use on-screen drawing, via a wireless and battery-free pen. The technology enables the application (tablets, smartphones, etc.) to recognize highly detailed information, such as pen inclination and pressure, to render drawings and writing just as clear as a traditional pen on paper.

ERT technology also helps to create a green and paperless environment, thus reducing costs and protecting the planet. In addition, because users prefer taking notes with a pen, rather than with a finger, ERT technology is more intuitive for writing when compared to simple finger touch. Due to these unique benefits, the ViewSonic Hanvon Touch Technology Corporation foresees a continuously booming in the handwriting touch industry.

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