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Apacer launches "The Wolverine - fierce fight in Japan, pursuing lost memories" campaign!

The Wolverine - fierce fight in Japan, pursuing lost memories
Apacer’s fourth cooperation with 20th Century Fox, best of 2013 summer!

Apacer, the pioneer in digital storage, will ally with 20th Century Fox for the fourth time in 2013. They will follow the amnesiac Wolverine’s (starring Hugh Jackman) footsteps to Japan, looking for the lost memory! For coordination with Fox movie The Wolverine released worldwide, Apacer will launch the "fierce fight in Japan, pursuing lost memories" campaign in 15 countries of the world. More details after the jump.

Anyone who purchases Apacer’s limited edition The Wolverine movie-themed products will have an opportunity to get the co-branded premiums of Apacer and the Wolverine: movie-themed T-shirt, headphone wire keeper, sun shade, DIY paper speaker, big bag with Wolverine claw pattern, etc., for a limited time only, while supplies last.

The limited edition The Wolverine movie-themed products, all series painted with ink-washed, black-and-white Wolverine totem, highlight the invincible and charismatic Wolverine. Three of USB3.0 Devices (AC233 portable HDD, AM531 Card Reader, AH350 Flash Drives) will be supplied with a bonus sticker painted with muscular Wolverine, which would boost the Wolverine-ness of your Apacer products!

Apacer's The Wolverine movie-themed products include AH350 USB3.0 Flash Drives, AH132 / AH326 Flash Drives, Micro SDHC CL4 cell-phone memory cards, AM531 USB3.0 Card Reader and AC233 USB3.0 Portable HDD.

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