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Globe Business is the lead sponsor for the Philippine National Cricket Team

In a move to bring cricket into the collective sporting consciousness in the Philippines, Globe Business recently announced it will do a major pitch to make the international game a local staple by teaming-up with the Philippine Cricket Association (PCA), the governing body for the sport in the country. More details after the jump.

With this agreement, Globe Business will be the lead sponsor for the Philippine National Cricket Team and the International Sixers Tournament, with naming rights for the squad as well as company branding and exposure for all PCA-hosted collateral and events, among others. It also includes a lock-out for Globe of the Nomad Sports Club in Paranaque, the most active cricket ground in the country where organized tournaments have been staged since 1914.

According to PCA president Andrew Gotia, the collaboration with Globe Business will be a big boost for the sport of cricket in the country. “Before, it was just a pure expat game; it was fortunate that quite a number of Globe clients are lovers of the sport, particularly the Indian community. We are enthusiastic that there will be more exposure for the national team and the sport at large. But this is just the first step and with Globe as a major company with its sponsorship and support, we can go very far,” he declared.

Captain of the Philippine National Cricket Team Faisal Khan concurred that the PCA is very happy to partner with Globe Business, saying that “this will further the cause of our organization as well as the sport. Since the country has progressed in the game more than its neighbors in the region, we hope that this collaboration will spur much interest in Philippine cricket.”

“With Globe Business powering the PCA, we believe it will encourage young local players to be affiliated with the national team. Local exposure for the sport will be bigger, and more Filipinos will get to know what the game is all about,” Khan enthused.

Globe Business Sales Head Francis Mendoza confirmed that “Globe has a huge clientele of companies with Indians working with them, and we recognize their passion for the game. Through this initiative, we hope to grow our relationship further.”

The formal signing was a culmination of the 2nd Enterprise Sixers Tournament, where elite cricket teams from Globe Business clientele took part. The crew from Cognizant emerged as the Champion, while JP Morgan Chase & Co. was runner-up of the day-long tournament. Ruchin Chandra of Accenture was adjudged the Best Catch, Amit Sharma was awarded the Best Baller and Arun Gaikwad, Best Batsman.

“So much interest has been generated by the tournament and the partnership, we will increase the number of teams from eight to 12 and extend the tournament to two playing dates next year,” said Mendoza.

Likewise, Globe Business Head of Enterprise Sales Grace Castillo told that having started with the local outsourcing and offshoring sectors, the succeeding Sixers Tournament will reach out to include teams from other industries such as banking and manufacturing. “With the fast-growing number of Indian business leaders and expat community, Globe Business will definitely stage a bigger competition in 2014. We will also ensure that working closely with the PCA, the sport of cricket will flourish in the country.”

The partnership also celebrates a century since the introduction of the sport in Philippine shores by British expatriates. Cricket is now declared a medal sport in the Asian Games and was an exhibition sport in the last South East Asian Games. It is also being considered for inclusion in the upcoming Olympics.

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