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Globe enhances barangay governance activities in Taal to protect tourists

Hand-in-hand with the sustainable tourism program being implemented by Globe Telecom and PUSOD, Inc. at the Taal Volcano Protected Landscape (TVPL) in Batangas, Globe also enhances barangay governance activities in the area to ensure the safety of local and foreign tourists. More details after the jump.

Globe brings to TVPL “Sagot Ka ni Kap,” a community vigilance program under the i-Lead pillar of Globe Bridging Communities which arms local leaders with the right tools to prevent crimes in their localities.

In addition, SKK aids in ensuring the cleanliness of the surroundings as it encourages people to report those who indiscriminately throw garbage in restricted areas.

“We want to make sure that the communities surrounding Taal Lake are safe, peaceful and orderly so that we can persuade more people to visit Taal especially at this time when  Globe and PUSOD are promoting and developing tourism products that showcase recreational activities such as hiking, biking, and kayaking,” said Fernando Esguerra, OIC of Globe Corporate Social Responsibility.  PUSOD, Inc. is a non-government organization whose mission is to protect and enhance the ecosystems of the Philippines and to show their significance to the world.

Initially, SKK is present at Brgy. Kinalaglagan, Mataasnakahoy, the host community of the Taal Lake Conservation Center which is a jump-off point for several half-day adventures. Another SKK beneficiary is Brgy. Calauit, Balete, the lone barangay based on the volcano island.

Through SKK, community watch volunteers are given handheld radios, mobile phones, and a communication hotline to enable them to quickly respond to emergencies.  They are also provided with rain gears as well as first-aid kits.  Capacity-building workshops on the Barangay Rule of Law or “Katarungan Pambarangay,” conflict resolution, and crisis management are also included in the SKK package.

Globe currently has SKK programs in other cities and municipalities in Batangas such as Namunga (Rosario), Tangob (Padre Garcia), Dumantay (Batangas City), Quisumbing (Calaca), Ermita (Balayan), Kalpito (Lian), and Balagbag (Cuenca).

The tourism and barangay governance activities of Globe in TVPL are part of the company’s drive to save Taal Lake from water pollution in partnership with PUSOD.  Incidentally, Batangas is one of the Communities of Practice (CoP) of Globe.  CoP is a strategy designed to synergize the different initiatives of Globe Bridgecom via active partnerships with community-based non-government organizations, barangay leaders, youth, and the beneficiaries themselves.

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