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Join BlackBerry Dream App Factory and get a chance to win a Z10!

The BlackBerry Dream App Factory is now open!

BlackBerry believe a smartphone should not be just another plain old gadget. Your smartphone should learn and adapt to you, and keep you moving, in life or at work. For that reason all BlackBerry fans now have the opportunity to share their ideas for apps that would make the most of their smartphone experience – and by doing so, stand a chance of winning a BlackBerry 10 smartphone.

BlackBerry fans are encouraged not just to submit their ideas but also to be part of the development of the ultimate BlackBerry 10 experience for all BlackBerry users. Countries participating in the BlackBerry Dream App Factory campaign include Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

As of today, fans have two weeks to submit their dream application idea online at www.facebook.com/BlackBerryPH/app. All ideas submitted by July 14, 2013 will then be exhibited on the www.facebook.com/BlackBerryPH/app site for public vote.

During this phase, the public will have the opportunity to determine what would make for the very best BlackBerry experience, by choosing the application idea that they have yet to see on a mobile platform. Participating countries include Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

The top three ideas will then be narrowed to one application idea by a panel of judges within BlackBerry. Ideas will be selected based on the local country’s need. The idea that has been nominated by the judges for each country will be passed to a pre-identified local developer.

The developers from each of the participating countries in the BlackBerry Dream App Factory will then have eight (8) weeks to complete the applications and ensure that they are Built for BlackBerry.

BlackBerry fans will also have the opportunity to track the progress of the application development by visiting www.facebook.com/BlackBerryPH/app. Be part of history and join the BlackBerry Dream App Factory campaign.

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