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Kaspersky Mobile Security wins AV-Test Certified award!

A powerful security solution for Android smartphones proves its worth
with high scores for protection and usability!

Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure and threat management solutions, announces that its Android smartphone security solution Kaspersky Mobile Security has won the AV-Test Certified award following independent testing in May 2013. More details after the jump.

During the tests, specialists from AV-Test.org focused on assessing how well security solutions could identify and block malicious programs.

The results showed that Kaspersky Mobile Security successfully blocked 99.29% of the 2,545 malicious applications used in the test.

The average detection rate among all the solutions tested was 96%. In addition, Kaspersky Lab’s software did not return a single false positive.

“Some products only detected 58% of the Android malware tested, and failed. Kaspersky, however, easily passed the AV-TEST Certification with an excellent 99% protection rate,” said Andreas Marx, CEO of AV-Test.

The experts also looked at the impact of security products on smartphone performance. Kaspersky Lab’s solution was recognized as economical in terms of both CPU resource consumption and the use of Internet connections. All in all, Kaspersky Mobile Security was awarded a perfect 6 points for Usability.

The testing also considered which additional features were on offer in each solution, looking at anti-theft measures, extra browser protection, call and message filtering, etc.

Once again, Kaspersky Mobile Security was among the best in a field of 30 security solutions from various manufacturers.

“Cybercriminals are paying more and more attention to Android devices; 99% of all mobile malware is created for this platform,” said Oleg Ishanov, Director of the Anti-Malware Research Unit, Kaspersky Lab.

“We put tremendous efforts into ensuring high security standards for the users of Kaspersky Lab’s mobile products. However, we should also keep in mind that an antivirus solution is just one application among many used by smartphone users.

It needs to offer the maximum levels of security while keeping a low profile in terms of CPU and network traffic use. The results of this AV-Test.org research amply demonstrate the effectiveness of Kaspersky Lab’s solution.”

The AV-Test.org award is by no means the first time that independent experts have recognized Kaspersky Lab’s advanced security technologies for mobile devices.

Jimmy Fong, Channel Sales Director of Kaspersky Lab Southeast Asia, said the AV-Test recognition comes at a crucial time when mobile phone users, especially those who have smartphones, have become even more vulnerable to online threats.

“What was once a tiny target for cybercriminals has increasingly become the most targeted platform,” Fong said.

He notes that Filipino mobile phone users are especially vulnerable because most of them are now making purchases or doing financial transactions using the Internet on their devices.

"It's more convenient to use smartphones now to do things that people were used to do through notebook and desktop computers. But that convenience also comes at the price of security. We at Kaspersky Lab are making sure that mobile device users remain protected from cybercriminals. If mobile phones are kept free from malicious software, users would be able to fully utilize their devices and become even more productive than before," Fong said.

Last September, two independent testing organizations – AV-Comparatives and PC Security Labs – both showered their acclaim on Kaspersky Mobile Security, giving it top awards in their antivirus tests.

For more information on the testing procedures and results, please visit AV-Test.org.

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