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LG’s Bedding Cleaner and Door-in-Door refrigerator receive low-carbon recognition!

LG Electronics (LG) just announced that six of its products - five handheld Bedding Cleaners (model VH9200DS) and the Door-in-Door refrigerator (model R-F874HBSM) - have received low-carbon recognition from the Korea Environmental Industry and Technology Institute (KEITI). More details after the jump.

These are the latest in a series of LG products certified by the KEITI. In fact, a total of 14 LG appliances including washing machine and refrigerator models have been recognized since 2011, cementing the company’s status as a leader in products designed with the environment in mind. In December 2012, LG also became the first company in the home appliance industry to achieve Internal Verification System certification for its washing machines, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners and Lightwave ovens, based on the level of carbon emissions produced.

“LG has worked tirelessly to develop more sustainable appliances that are consumer friendly and more kind to the environment,” said Seong-jin Jo, President and CEO of the LG Home Appliance Company. “We’re delighted that our products have been officially recognized for their lower carbon footprint. LG’s goal is to lead the global home appliance industry with the most energy efficient products, developed with the environment in mind.”

LG’s Bedding Cleaner, which helps reduce the amount of dust mites and harmful allergens commonly found in beds and mattresses, is the first product in its category to acquire the KEITI’s Low-Carbon certificate. LG’s Bedding Cleaner was designed to reduce carbon levels by 10 percent during its life cycle, including manufacturing, distribution, usage and disposal. LG’s stylish, metallic finish Door-in-Door Bottom Freezer refrigerator also earned the Korea Environmental Industry and Technology Institute’s Low-Carbon certificate. In addition, Greenhouse Gas Emission certifications were is-sued to LG’s T4632V0Z top-load washing machine and the FR4960MQ1TZ front-load washing machine.

The Greenhouse Gas Emission and Low-Carbon certifications issued by the Korea Environmental Industry and Technology Institute rewards manufacturers for creating products with lower carbon footprints. The Greenhouse Gas Emission certificate recognizes a product for reducing carbon emissions throughout its life cycle. If products meet further carbon emission reduction targets presented by the government, they are then awarded Low-Carbon certification. Internal Verification System certification gives companies the right and responsibility to calculate and verify on their own the carbon footprint in a product’s life cycle.

Source: LG Philippines

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