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Carrier XPower 2 Cooling Solutions That Give Back!

Carrier XPower 2 Cooling Solutions That Give Back!
Does your old air conditioner burning a hole in your wallet?

Your air conditioner may have served you well, but do high electric bills and frequent mechanical breakdowns sound all too familiar? If the answer is yes, then it’s time to invest in a long term cooling solution that actually gives back. More details after the jump.

“While old air conditioners may still work and do its job of cooling your room, they may lose their efficiency and can be expensive over time,” says Concepcion-Carrier Air Conditioning (CCAC) Consumer Solutions Group Director Mr. Harold Pernikar. “There are tell-tale signs when keeping your old air conditioning unit has become costly. First, there’s the sky-high electric bills; second, difficulty in sourcing outdated parts; and third, frequent mechanical breakdowns.”

While keeping your old air conditioner running may be tough on the wallet, Pernikar says that Carrier has come up with two cooling solutions that promise energy savings and improved indoor air quality.

Carrier XPower 2 Inverter
Carrier XPower 2 Inverter

Carrier’s XPower 2 inverter gives 53% more savings compared to other leading inverters. With these savings, the cost of buying a new Carrier XPower inverter can be paid back in as little as two years due to the savings you get in electricity consumption.  And with energy efficient technology exclusive to Carrier, the XPower 2 Hi-Wall inverter is more affordable to run for less than P5 per month. Another intelligent feature found on the Carrier XPower 2 inverter is its own Nano Technology Filtration System which protects even the smallest, nano-sized particles such as viruses, germs, bacteria, dust, pollution and fungi.

Carrier XPower 2 Inverter Window Room Air Conditioner
Carrier XPower 2 Inverter Window Room Air Conditioner

Pernikar also notes that inverter technology is available for window room air conditioners with lower installation and lower cleaning costs versus high walls with the Carrier XPower 2 inverter Window Room Air Conditioner. Providing inverter efficiency, the Carrier XPower 2 WRAC gives more energy savings and consumes as little as 431 watts and gives up to 12.7 EER for the 1.0HP. Moreover, its fully-loaded features include quiet operation, anti-dust and anti-pollution filter, sleep mode and auto-restart functions.

“Even during the rainy season, Carrier understands that Filipinos put a premium on their investments and want to stay comfortable in typhoon sticky weather. We want them to own air conditioners that give back more than just cooling, and that is why we are offering products that feature energy savings and healthy air quality features to boot,” concludes Pernikar.

Source: Concepcion-Carrier

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