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Freelancer.com announces the 2013 Manila Dev Challenge winners!

2013 Manila Dev Challenge Winners

Bryan Zarzuela came out victorious in the first ever Manila Dev Challenge this year which was hosted by Freelancer, the leading outsourcing crowd sourcing marketplace at SaDoce in Smart Tower. Zarzuela competed with the other forty finalists and undertook the six grueling hours of nonstop coding. Along with Zarzuela are three other winners from the Manila Dev Challenge, and two were given with special awards.

Kevin Charles Atienza of Kalibrr was declared as second best, while Marte Soliza of Insync copped the third place, and lastly, Johan Sten got the fourth place. On the other hand, two people caught the attention of the judges and they were given special awards. Tim Joseph Dumol of Kalibrr got the special award for the Best Performance in the Preliminaries, while Joseph Emmanuel Dayo of Friendster grabbed the special award for the Best Solution for the Hardest Question.

The winners are:

  • 1st Place
    • Bryan Zarzuela - Systems Specialist at Pilipinas Teleserv
  • 2nd Place
    • Kevin Charles - Developer at Kalibrr
  • 3rd Place
    • Marte Soliza - CTO at Insync
  • 4th Place
    • Johan Stén - Adventure Capitalist
  • Best Performance in the preliminaries
    • Tim Joseph Dumol - Developer at Kalibrr 
  • Best Solution for the hardest question
    • Joseph Dayo - Architect at Friendster

Zarzuela, as the champion of the Manila Dev Challenge, took home the P100,000 prize money; Atienza, the second placer took home P40,000; and Soliza, the third placer, took home P20,000; Sten, the fourth placer took home P10,000; lastly Joseph Dayo and Tim Dumol took home P15,000.

The first ever Manila Dev Challenge had begun in June 2013. And this competition had encouraged more than a thousand of participants from all over the country. These thousand participants had all joined in the initial qualification round, and they were cut down into the best forty finalists who qualified, leading to the competition held at SaDoce in Makati for the final event.

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