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LG helps battle rainy season with top-load and front-load washing machines

It’s been a long season of heavy downpour, and among other consequences, this usually takes a toll on laundry duties. Severe rains result in frequent clothes washing, and large amounts of clothes cause delays in getting the job done.

To address these issues, global leader and technology innovator LG Electronics introduces top-load and front-load washing machines that are proven to have the biggest load capacity in today’s market. With the key message “Big Load, One Wash”, these premium models are a dream for users with large families, plenty of clothes, and homes within a rain-frequented vicinity.

These washers feature LG’s core Inverter Direct Drive technology, boosting energy- and cost-efficiency while reducing noise levels and breakdowns.

Furthermore, they are equipped with Smart features that guarantee convenient and optimum washing performance:

  • Smart Diagnosis – enables the washing machine to directly connect to an LG service center when any of 78 common technical problems occurs
  • Smart Clean – reduces water usage by not filling the tub
  • Smart Lid – helps prevent users from slamming the lid on their fingers when closing the tub
  • Warm Wash – increases water temperature to 60 degrees Celsius to help eliminate bacteria especially when washing baby clothing
  • Auto Lint Cleaner (filter) – floats on the water’s surface and automatically drains during the finish course cycle
  • 6 Motion Direct Drive – lets the drum move in not only the usual tumbling motion, but also stepping, filtration, rolling, scrubbing, and swinging to ensure complete and efficient performance just like hand washing

All LG Inverter Direct Drive washing machines come with a 10-year motor warranty and are sure to improve any laundry activity, in any weather condition.

For more information about LG’s washing machines and other home appliances, please visit www.lg.com/ph or www.lgblog.com.ph.

Source: LG Philippines

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