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BattleMob.com gives away prepaid load and gadgets this holiday season

As the “Ber” months roll in and Pinoys get into a festive mood, BattleMob.com prepares advance Christmas gifts for their players, including P50,000 cash, an LG Plasma TV, iPhone5, iPad mini, and prepaid mobile load. More details after the jump.

A Filipino gaming site that launched earlier this year, BattleMob.com plays up the mafia theme where players battle one another to earn their reputation. The site features well-loved games from childhood such as Bato Bato Pick and Maalis Taya. Games in the site range from the simple: toss coin, dice toss, to the challenging: drag race, ball bounce, and battle slam. Players can play by themselves, with friends, or with strangers.

Every time players win a game or a battle they earn their reputation or “street reps.” To win the gadgets, cash prizes, or prepaid mobile load, they must get enough street reps and be a mafia boss.

Prepaid mobile load for Globe and TM subscribers are also given daily or when players invite their friends to join the games. Globe subscribers can text BATTLE to 3456 and TM subscribers can text LABAN to 3456 to register. They can also visit BattleMob.com to start playing.

For more information, send an email to battlemob@gmail.com

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