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Bring out the best in your iPad Mini with a Tattoo postpaid plan

Tattoo and iPad Mini
Tattoo and iPad Mini = The Perfect Equation

E=MC2 is perhaps the most famous equation of all time. When it comes to technology and internet connectivity, Tattoo and the iPad Mini are two constants that make for a perfect equation. As the most reliable mobile broadband in the country, only Tattoo elevates one’s internet experience further, enhancing the use and functionality of the latest gadgets, tablets, and devices.

With a Tattoo plan for the iPad Mini raised to the power of LTE for speeds of up to 42 Mbps, it paves the way for buffer-free video streaming, photo uploads, seamless browsing and webpage viewing, optimizing a product’s full range of capabilities.

Coupled with a device construction so modest in size, so slender, and so light, the iPad Mini is such a flawless technological marvel of functionality and convenience, it’s no surprise everybody wants one. Imagine it then complimented with a fiercely fast Tattoo LTE connection, it makes for an unmatched online experience.

And then there’s Tattoo and its superb offer that nobody can resist. Tattoo puts the perfection of the iPad Mini into your hands at the lowest price, but with the highest value you’ll ever avail of.

The Tattoo LTE iPad Mini Plan 999 provides you with more than just internet connectivity without the need for Wi-Fi. It takes full advantage of the iPad Mini’s features and capabilities with unlimited LTE, giving you blazing-fast internet access and letting you see more, share more and do more. Definitely, that’s not rocket science for the common netizen to figure out.

With such incredible connection speeds, you can watch all the YouTube videos you want on its dazzling 7.9-inch multi-touch display, share all the photos you snapped using its powerful 5.0-megapixel iSight camera, upload full HD videos, keep your friends closer with FaceTime, and download thousands of applications from the App Store.

If that isn’t enough, you also have the power to share your high-speed wireless connection with your other Wi-Fi enabled gadgets through the iPad Mini’s Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities.

Under the Tattoo LTE iPad Mini Plan 999, the Wi-Fi + Cellular variant is all yours at an unbeatable price of P13,990 for the 16GB model, P18,790 for the 32GB model, and only P23,590 for 64GB, spread out over a 24-month contract period.

All these, with the addition of a free Tattoo Lifestyle Card which entitles you to exclusive privileges and discounts worth P130,000 from over 230 partner establishments and merchants nationwide, plus a Zalora voucher worth P1,000 for your shopping indulgence, make for an offer with unequalled value—it doesn’t even take a math whiz to figure that out.

Tattoo also offers the iPad Mini in prepaid at P 21,990 for 16GB, P26,990 for 32GB and P31,990 for 64GB with pay-per-use browsing charges of as low as P5 for 15 minutes.

Get your own fix of the perfect equation under Tattoo’s LTE iPad Mini Plan 999. Visit www.tattoo.globe.com.ph or any Globe Store nearest you to get your Tattoo LTE iPad Mini plan now.

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