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Canon launches VB-S30: The world’s smallest Full HD powered Pan Tilt zoom (PTZ) Dome Camera!

Canon VB-S30

Canon recently launched the VB-S30, the world’s smallest Full HD powered Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) Dome Camera. Together with this, Canon also unveils a range of network cameras that leverages Canon’s expertise in imaging technologies to provide ultra-compact surveillance technology which has an unparalleled feature set and is highly cost-effective.

“The new range of network cameras is perfect for retail and commercial environments, office surveillance, building security and for operations management. The four new cameras are the result of Canon’s extensive research and investment into lens and imaging technology. These cameras feature our high-end Canon lenses in a miniature form providing excellent image quality and low-light performance, are very easy to install and offer a great set of advanced intelligent features,” said, Vinchy Sanchez, Head of Division for Imaging Communication Products of Canon Marketing Philippines.

A new function, Auto Smart Shade Control (Auto SSC) is also built-in to the whole range, and maintains image sharpness even when shadows are generated by backlight or other causes ensuring correct brightness of the entire image. Faces and other subject matter being viewed remain sharp and clearly visible even with bright light in the background.

“These cameras are remarkably small and the video quality is just amazing. This range has been developed in response to market demands and offers superb image quality, usability, ease of installation and is the smallest size in its class. We are confident that this product will have a strong uptake with the growing Philippine real estate and infrastructure industry,” shares Sanchez.

All the cameras feature Canon engineered D!GIC DVIII and D!GIC NET II processors used in Canon’s high-end cinema cameras, to enable the highest quality image capture and high speed image compression and network distribution. The unique multi-streaming capability allows footage to be watched in FULL HD (live) and provide users with an option of recording the video in varying compressed formats and lower resolutions to extend recording capacity.

Source: Canon Philippines

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