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IBM Continues Leadership in the Philippine Server Market in Q2 2013

IBM Philippines

IBM announced today its continued leadership in the server market both in Q2’2013 and also in the first half of 2013, as reported by the leading IT market Research and advisory firm, IDC. According to IDC, IBM is again the number one server vendor in the Philippines in terms of overall server revenue market share, with 39.2 percent revenue market share in Q2 2013.

“IBM’s continued success in the Philippines server market can be attributed to our strong focus on the IBM Smarter Computing approach, delivering strong performance in higher-value segments powered by System z and Power systems. Crucial also was the good performance of our entry-level server business, that continues to grow with the bullish Philippine economy, says Ireen Catane, Country Executive for Systems and Technology Group, IBM Philippines. “For the rest of 2013, we will carry on with our commitment to enable smarter businesses in the Philippines anchored on our Smarter Computing approach.”

Since its introduction in 2011, IBM’s Smarter Computing has been embraced by companies and institutions to fuel innovation based growth and competitiveness. Smarter Computing helps businesses unleash innovation via the cloud, unlock the power of Big Data, and safeguard the security of critical information. In the Philippines, there is an increased demand for the smarter computing approach to IT to adapt to and capitalize on new trends that have emerged through the growth of mobile, social and online technologies.

IBM is the number-one ranked vendor in the following server segments in Philippines for Q2 2013:

  • High-end Enterprise ($250k+) server market with 65.6 percent revenue share
  • RISC/EPIC Servers server market with 55.2 percent revenue share

More information about IBM is available at the compnay’s corporate web site at http://ibm.com.

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