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Urbanears 2013 Fall/ Winter Collection Roadshow at the Power Plant Mall

Urbanears Roadshow at the Power Plant Mall

Get the chance to try-out colorful and fashionable Urbanears headphones at the 3F Bridgeway of the Power Plant Mall until September 30, 2013. Stylish and comfortable Urbanears delivers quality listening experience. Every pair of headphones comes with a microphone and remote, allowing you to pick-up calls and communicate. Catch new colors as it introduces the Urbanears Fall/ Winter collection.


  • LILAC - Lilac is a light purple shade that adds a dash of fairylike whimsy to your day. Whether you’re frolicking through fields of wildflowers or just on your way to work wishing you were, this pale violet pair of headphones is sure to enchant event the most ardent of cynics. Clap your hands if you believe!
  • COBALT - Although you can probably expect to find this intense blue hue on your grandma’s china, we think it deserves more than a life hidden away in the dining room armoire. We used our alchemy skills and transformed this chemical element into a richly sapphire-shaded pair of headphones you’ll want to off every day.
  • CLOVER - Today is the day you can stop searching for that ever-elusive four-leaf clover. Carry these bright green headphones around with you wherever you go, and chlorophyll-induced good fortune will follow. Don’t leave things to chance, we say. Create your own luck with these lucky charmers.

Urbanears Roadshow at the Power Plant Mall

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