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Haruroot Riders Club celebrates 40 years; shares tips on road safety

Haruroot Riders Club

Over the past few years, motorcycle riders in the Philippines have continued to -- and for good a reason. Owning a motorcycle still costs much less than a car and fuel consumption is definitely easier on the pocket. Riders are able to go to places faster than any other mode of transport especially when driving around the metro.

Motorcycle riding also offers one of the most enjoyable ways of visiting places of interest in the country. One of the oldest groups of big bike enthusiasts in Luzon, the Haruroot Riders Club, has been organizing rides to tourist destinations in the country. They advocate a safe and enjoyable road trip while on board a motorcycle.

On the occasion of its 40th anniversary this year, Haruroot put together a few safety tips for motorcycle riders everywhere:

  • Always check your gear. Besides BLOW (brake, lights, oil, and water) and the physical condition of your vehicle, riders should wear complete body armour and gear as well as jacket, riding shoes and helmet. These make you look good and keep you from harm’s way. 
  • Keep your eyes on the road. Keep your focus, just stay on course, and don’t think of anything else while driving. Turn off you mobile phone at least put it in silent mode. You’ll never know what hits you if you get distracted for even one moment.
  • There’s no need for speed. Unless faced with an emergency, there is really no need to go faster than the allowed speed limit. Just go with the flow, observe traffic rules, and you’ll get there just fine.
  • Don’t drink and drive. When you have had one drink too many, you tend to become a little bit bolder, if not careless, and thus make some serious miscalculations. You can also feel sleepy, so better not ride and just sleep it over. 
  • Leave your worries behind. When something in your mind keeps troubling you and you can’t seem to focus on your driving, better leave the driving to others. Better yet, travel with a group or a partner who can assist you in cases of emergency. Try also to just think of the road map and simply enjoy the view along the way.

The Haruroot Riders Club is a formal organization registered under the Securities and Exchange Commission.  Members must regularly attend conventions and seminars,  and are required to pass a series of safe riding tests.

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