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PLDT Enterprise and Cebu City elevate digital transformation with Google Cloud and Workspace solutions

Taking significant steps towards its vision of becoming a Smart City, the City Government of Cebu, in partnership with PLDT Enterprise, is accelerating its digital transformation by adopting Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Google Workspace (GWS) into its delivery of public services underscoring the local government unit’s (LGU) commitment to advancing its processes through cutting-edge digital solutions.

PLDT Enterprise and Cebu City LGU
Sealing the deal for a more digital future for Cebu City, from left: Clyde D. Maru, Relationship Manager, PLDT Enterprise; Hon. Michael L. Rama, the visionary Mayor of Cebu City; and Kent De La Calzada, AVP and Head of Customer Relationship Management-Visayas, PLDT Enterprise, symbolizing a pivotal partnership towards transforming Cebu into a Smart City.

The integration of GCP and GWS marks a pivotal advancement in Cebu City's journey towards digitalization. These platforms are set to revolutionize the LGU’s operations by boosting productivity, facilitating efficient collaboration, and ensuring high-performance and secure digital experiences. The move is in line with the LGU’s ongoing efforts to improve basic service delivery to its citizens through innovative technology.

"By harnessing the power of Google Cloud Platform and Google Workspace, we aim to set a new standard for public service – one that is anchored on efficiency, resilience, and inclusivity. This initiative is a testament to the strong partnership between PLDT Enterprise and the City Government of Cebu, built on a shared vision for a digitally empowered community," said Kent De La Calzada, Assistant Vice President & Head of Customer Relationship Management at PLDT Enterprise.

Long-Term Innovation and Collaboration

The enduring partnership between PLDT Enterprise and the City Government of Cebu, cultivated over many fruitful years, has already paved the way for groundbreaking initiatives that significantly enhance the city's digital infrastructure. This strong relationship has been the cornerstone for launching transformative projects such as the Barangay Wi-Fi Project and the iGate connectivity at City Hall. These endeavors not only exemplify collaborative efforts of the two organizations but also underscore their shared commitment to leveraging technology for the betterment of public services and community connectivity. Through these initiatives, they have been able to set a new standard for digital innovation within local governments, driving Cebu City's ambition to become a leading Smart City in the region.

The City Government of Cebu's decision to adopt these most recent digital solutions is a strategic response to the growing need for more agile and resilient public services. GCP and GWS will enable the city to streamline its operations, enhance disaster recovery capabilities, and ensure business continuity. These benefits are crucial for Cebu City as it aims to become a beacon of digital innovation and smart governance in the region.

Honorable Michael L. Rama, Mayor of Cebu City, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, stating, "Our partnership with PLDT Enterprise, leveraging the capabilities of Google Cloud and Workspace, is a major leap forward in our quest to become a Smart City. It aligns perfectly with our mission to provide our constituents with prompt, reliable, and secure access to public services. Together, we are laying down the digital foundation that will propel Cebu City into a future with endless possibilities."

Empowering LGUs for the Future

This collaboration also highlights PLDT Enterprise's ongoing commitment to supporting LGUs in their digital transformation journeys. By providing tailored digital solutions, PLDT Enterprise aims to help LGUs like Cebu City harness data for better planning, decision-making, and disaster response, thereby fostering a more informed, transparent, and engaged community.

As Cebu City continues to embrace digital solutions like GCP and GWS, it sets a precedent for other LGUs aiming to enhance their digital infrastructure and governance. This partnership not only strengthens the bond between PLDT Enterprise and the City Government of Cebu but has also made substantial progress in advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals which focuses on fostering digital inclusion and providing citizens with equal digital opportunities through technology.

PLDT Enterprise and the City Government of Cebu are committed to working hand in hand to realize the vision of a smart, sustainable, and digitally inclusive Cebu City. Through this partnership, they are poised to drive significant improvements in public service delivery, making a lasting impact on the lives of Cebu City's residents and beyond.

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