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Simplify your life with the new OtterBox Commuter Series Wallet for iPhone 5/5s & Samsung Galaxy S4

OtterBox Commuter Series Wallet
Protective and ultra-handy phone case for iPhone 5/5s and Samsung Galaxy S4

Do you often leave the house without one of the following: phone, money or travel card? Do you find yourself searching every pocket and bag for your MRT or LRT card on your daily commute? OtterBox, the leader in protection for handheld devices recently revealed a new phone case which will be the answer to all of your organisational dreams!

Introducing the Commuter Series Wallet, priced at Php2,500 for iPhone 5/5s and Samsung Galaxy S4 , OtterBox’s latest ultra-protective phone case comes complete with discrete storage and quick access to cash and important cards – the ultimate way to simplify your daily commute and protect your phone at the same time. Also, you no longer need to worry about the hassle of removing your magnetic card or ID’s from the case as it’s fully scannable – just grab your phone and swipe away! The case combines convenience, security and trusted OtterBox protection into pocket-friendly designs and is available for owners of the new iPhone 5S, as well as the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4.

An interior slipcover and sturdy polycarbonate shell provide the Commuter Series Wallet’s multi-layer support against bump and shock, while a self-adhering screen protector guards against scratches to the device’s touch screen. A sliding drawer conceals and securely carries up to three cards while adding almost no bulk to the already slim Commuter Series design. The wallet door slides open without having to turn the phone over, keeping its contents hidden from view.

The available colors are Black, Glacier, and Primrose for the iPhone 5/5s, as well as Black and Glacier for the Samsung Galaxy S4. All cases are available at www.otterbox.asia and www.tenkiebox.ph, or from selected local retailers in the Philippines.

For all the product details and technical specifications, please visit www.otterbox.asia.

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