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Apacer launches AM700: The first multi-function card reader with OTG (On-The-Go) technology

Apacer AM700 Card Reader

Apacer has just rolled out the first multi-function card reader, the AM700, equipped with OTG (On-The-Go) technology. It can be directly connected to smartphones and tablet PCs for data sharing. Moreover, the scope of mobile applications is more extensive and has no limitation.

Apacer has indicated that performance and user-friendliness are top priorities for mobile technology products. You can access, transmit and store the data in real time directly through the AM700 card reader with a portable mobile device supporting the OTG technology and no computer is needed. The built-in USB slot of the AM700 further extends the application scope of mobile devices. In addition to connecting to flash drives and all-in-one card readers, it can even expand the storage space of smartphones and tablet PCs for data backup when inserting SD, MicroSD and MMC cards. Multiparty data sharing is available by activating the USB Hub when connected to a power supply, such as the charger and the mobile power supply through the micro USB slot. The AM700 can also be connected to the hard disk, which is undoubtedly an excellent tool to improve the work efficiency for business personnel who focuses on mobility and timeliness.

Weighing only 13g and featuring compactness and portability, the AM700 is the best way to share your digital content anytime and anywhere. For example, when traveling you simply have to connect the smartphone directly to the AM700 and access the image files in the memory card of the digital camera. Then you can send those photos to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social networking sites through the Internet function of the mobile phone and instantly share the beautiful scenery and joyful moments with your friends. In addition, when you need to process massive amount of text inputs with your mobile phone or tablet PC, you can connect the AM700 directly to the keyboard for typing or connect the mouse to play Candy Crush or other games, which makes the mobile digital life more flexible and user-friendly.

Apacer notes that in addition to the product performance, modern consumers also pay attention to the design texture of the product. Adhering to the development philosophy of combining functions with beauty, AM700 not only has multiple and useful all-in-one functions, but also presents a refined style with a streamlined and simplified shape, which is elegant without losing the professionalism. It can be applied in various occasions, such as business, traveling and household, which boasts convenience and personal taste. In addition to the existing calm black series, colorful series will be released in a limited edition in the near future. Being optimistic about the prospect of mobile smart technology in the future application and development, Apacer will continue to develop more and better products, helping consumers to enjoy the smart digital experience in an easy way.

Apacer AM700 Mobile Card Reader

Source: Apacer

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