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[MOVIE] Romantic teen comedy “Love Bite” heats up screens on November 13

Ed Speelers - Love Bite

Ed Speelers and Jessica Szohr heat it up in the teen comedy “Love Bite” where a werewolf targets young virgins in the sleepy town of Rainmouth. Things for Jamie (Speelers) have a habit of getting complicated so when he meets Juliana (Szohr), a girl from out of town, things got all the more complicated.

Jamie lives and works in the B&B owned by his mum who is attractive but a bit too young at heart and with a liberal approach to parenting. Jamie is then forewarned by a werewolf hunter named Sid (Timothy Spall), one of their guests at the hotel, about Juliana. Jamie starts to believe that Juliana might be a werewolf. After all, she did arrive at the same time several of his mates started to disappear. And now she is turning her attention to him. All Jamie knows is that werewolves target virgins, which, he thinks, is probably the only reason she’s interested in him. She wants to eat him alive.

But As the next full moon nears, relations with Jamie and Juliana start to hot up. By the time they are ready to make things physical, the huge round moon is peeping through the clouds. In Juliana’s cottage Jamie is finally about to do it and with the girl of his dreams but can’t quite shift the doubt from the back of his mind though – that Juliana might be the beast they’re looking for.

Jessica Szohr plays Juliana. She says the cast and crew have been conscious of balancing the comedy and the horror in just the right way. “There's real things in it that people do go through with relationships, finding love and dealing with parents,” she says. “There are laugh out loud and terrifying moments, but you believe them because there are real things to latch onto. And everyone has done a great job of bringing these words to life.”

Jessica Szohr is probably best known to audiences for her four-year stint as Vanessa Abrams on “Gossip Girl.” She comes to LOVE BITE seeking new challenges, she says, and has enjoyed her experience working outside the US for the first time. “I was very nervous about going overseas for this long for the first time ever,” she admits. “But it's been great. I've gotten to see places I never had before and everyone's been incredibly lovely.”

“Jamie's an introvert, to an extent, and he's just slightly offbeat from the rest of the group. Where the others are quite happy to stay in Rainmouth - possibly for the rest of their lives - he knows there's something else out there. He knows deep down he's better than this town, but he hasn't quite realised it yet. With him, I don't think it's necessarily that he can't get laid, but he doesn't want to settle. There's a very serious line: 'I want it to be with someone who means hell of a lot to me.' Then suddenly, finally, this girl arrives from the States who actually can have an intelligent conversation with him and she's on the same wavelength. And they start having this flirtation which starts escalating. But there's a werewolf going around town killing virgins,” Speelers says of his character.

“Love Bite” opens November 13 in theaters from Axinite Digicinema, Inc.

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