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Smart, Sun toughen measures vs fraudsters

SMART Communications

Wireless service providers Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) and Digitel Mobile Philippines, Inc. (DMPI) – which operates the Sun Cellular brand – have filed several cases against people suspected of submitting fraudulent postpaid applications.

The suspects, who were caught in entrapment operations in retail outlets all over the country, were charged with estafa and falsification of public documents.

Entrapment operations were conducted following reports that fraudsters have been going to different Smart and Sun retail stores to submit multiple postpaid applications using different aliases.

According to reports, these people have been presenting falsified identification documents and proofs of income, in attempts to take advantage of network services and to get mobile devices bundled with postpaid plans.

“We are determined to bring fraudsters to court for two reasons. First, we want to minimize business losses due to fraudulent applications. Second, we also want to reduce the possibility of Smart and Sun postpaid subscriptions being used for other illegal activities,” said Reuben Pangan, head of customer service operations of Smart and DMPI.

Source: Smart Communications

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